The Primaries Are A Circus With Real Clowns

If the future of America was not at stake, the political craziness we are watching might be amusing. The reason to be most concerned is because there are no legitimate candidates to assume the presidency of the country.

Donald Trump has sashayed right past a multi-year investigation and an impeachment proceeding. Is it possible that he enjoys all the insane things happening around him? Is he that warped? How can a president awake every morning and look forward to going to work when so many despise him? Do you think Trump even cares about the feelings, needs and preferences of average Americans? Or, is he on the greatest ego trip in history?

No one likes to lose, and there sure are a large number of poor losers in politics today who blame their election shortcomings on others, like Hillary Clinton. But, when you are victorious, it’s time to pull in your horns and show some humility. Trump just can’t win and walk away without trash talking. He needs to rub his adversaries’ noses in the dirt. He must berate and tell those that supported his opponents that they are idiots for voting for another candidate.

It’s approaching four years since Trump came into our lives, in a big way. The man has no redeeming qualities. He is awful, and yet, he continues to escape impeachment of his tactics, politics and humanity in the broadest sense of the word. The only thing Trumpers can hang their hats on is the performance of the economy, and the truly abominable people the opposing party has recruited to challenge Trump prospectively.

Any “half decent” political hack should be able to obliterate Trump, and the Democrats chose Hillary in 2016, and Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar to oppose him in 2020. Trump is going to defeat any one of these people handily in a few more months.

At a time when nationalism and love of country is paramount in America, Democrats are choosing candidates who hate this country’s traditions, including exceptionalism and capitalism. They include two flat-out socialists, one old man who has been a bumbling hack for most of his career, a young man who is barely old enough to run for president and an unknown senator from a Midwest state. Aren’t there any dynamic people in the liberal ranks? Is this the best liberals can do?

And now the Democratic Keystone Kandidates are going after each other disregarding the fact that they are all cut from the same un-American ideological cloth. But there is a bit of fresh air in the election in the name of Michael Bloomberg. Unfortunately he’s male, white, a billionaire, unknown between NY and CA and a former Republican and Independent. And the man has a track record of talking too candidly about race, crime and a plethora of other substantive issues.

But, let’s set aside “stop and frisk” and all the other untoward comments (even those considered racist and elitist) made by Mike. He’s a million times better candidate than all five of the current ones. Can he withstand tongue lashings and a barrage of lies and deceptions from Trump? Maybe. Does he have enough money? For sure. In fact, he will be beholding to no one if elected.

Democrats, Bloomberg is your only chance to save the country and the world from four more years of the Donald. Let him buy the election away from Trump.

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