No Surprise, Democrat Candidates Are Losers

As expected, Michael Bloomberg took a beating last night at the hands of his primary opponents.

Bloomberg was unable to overcome the fact that he is a male, a billionaire, extraordinarily successful, 78 years old with two heart stents, trying to buy the election, instituted the “stop and frisk” policy in NYC that decreased crime (but was discriminatory against black men), has not made public his personal financial statements and told sexist jokes a couple of decades ago. It made absolutely no difference that Bloomberg led NYC through 9/11, meaningfully reduced crime in the City and is giving most of his wealth to charity. It didn’t even matter that so many Democrats have benefited by his contributions to their campaigns.

Frankly, I could only watch about half of the freak show last night. If it is the new American paradigm of politics in this country, I am really concerned. With Sanders and Warren waving their hands to be chosen to speak by the ineffective moderators, reminiscent of ten year old children, I was so embarrassed that one of the people on stage actually has a chance to become president.

The most obvious theme was how often the debaters, and I use the term loosely, spoke about negative things, and not the unrivalled potential of America. How many times did Sanders say health care is a human right? How many idiotic stories did Warren blather? To this group, everything is bad in America, and they will fix it by redistributing wealth in the country and tearing apart corporations that employ millions.

Obama won his elections by promising better times and giving America hope. It didn’t work out so well, but at least he had the right approach. This crowd of misfits only dreams of taking money from affluent, successful Americans.

The Democratic Party is the “noir” party. Their objectives are all vindictive, directed towards a sitting president, affluent people and the companies that drive our economy. They eschew all forms exceptionalism. The only reason why liberals denigrate the good times we are now enjoying is because Trump is, to a great extent, responsible for it. And what will they bring us if they win the White House- recession, higher taxes, lousy health care, a worsening educational system, more people on welfare and a weaker defense.

Democrats scratch their heads and ask why anyone would vote for Donald Trump. I want to return the favor and ask why anyone would vote for the lightweights (excluding Bloomberg) who were on TV last night lying and distorting the truth. They are not optimistic and hopeful leaders.

I am more convinced now that Trump will run away with the election, unless Bloomberg can somehow win the primary. Trump promises us a greater America every day. Democrats will only give us more sadness and weakness, all the while they will be tearing down institutions and economic systems that have made America great. Trump is incorrigible, but at least he’s leading the country in the right directions. Democrats’ gifts to America were a two-year investigation of Russian collusion and an embarrassing impeachment. In the meantime, our country’s infrastructure is crumbling.

Smarten up America. The only way out of this election jam is for Bloomberg to emerge as the winner. This is the only path that can possibly end the Trump era

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