Democrats March Towards Socialism

For the life of me, I can’t understand what Democrat voters are doing in their primary. Sanders beat down his opponents in Nevada; his 50%+ majority was unanticipated. Biden came in second at under 20%. The rest of the field has got to wonder why they are spending their constituents’ hard earned money on a fruitless cause.

Of course, the contest excluded Mike Bloomberg. He’s still licking his wounds after being shellacked last week. Nevertheless, Mike spent tons of cash advertising against Trump in Nevada. Some pundits are saying that the Nevada results helped Bloomberg. Not sure I understand the logic of this perspective. Others thought that Bloomberg just might throw in the towel after standing around like a lost soul on Wednesday during the debate. He only spent a couple hundred million so far.

Everyone has stipulated that debating is not a Bloomberg strong suit. They aren’t wrong. He had to know that stop and frisk, his multi-billion net worth and untoward comments directed at women and blacks in the past would be hot topics. After all, Mike’s competition is jealous that they don’t have a half billion to spend on politics.

What the hell were Mike’s advisors saying to their boss about how to respond to the aforementioned? I’m sure that Mike is never spoken to in the manner he was on Wednesday.

Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t have any problems fielding barbs from his detractors. In fact, he seems to thrive on it. He loves to counter punch.

Well, things better change pretty damn soon for Bloomberg. Sanders is racking up delegates, and Mike is not jumping in until after South Carolina, although there is another debate coming up next week. It’s not good news for Bloomberg. He’s probably practicing as I type this post.

So, how’s this all going to turn out? The good news is that most of the lightweights on the Democratic side are ready to call it a day. The party is not prepared to support a moderate candidate (except, maybe Bloomberg).

Warren is a hot mess. She acted like a crazy person last week, in spite of some good lines. They were directed at everyone on stage. Unfortunately, she out-screamed her opponents but said nothing about why she should be elected.

Buttigieg and Klobuchar are not ready for prime time. Amy was on the verge of tears last Wednesday because Butt criticized her for forgetting the name of the Mexican president (Obrador). I figure she’s dead meat moving forward. Butt is coming across as a wise ass with a substandard resume.

Joe Biden is a hopeless cause. He was supposed to be the great moderate alternative. He’s acting delusional, like a senile old man. He has a sense of entitlement that few appreciate. His greatest campaign boast is that he was a gopher for a president with an unsuccessful record. Obama couldn’t get anything done, and Biden would be in the same boat if he miraculously won the primary and the election. Biden would be wise to consult with counsel about the impending investigation of corruption he will face if Trump wins.

Bernie Sanders has not accomplished a single thing during his tenure as a senator. All his colleagues think he is over the top. The man is an avowed socialist, which is only one step away from being communist. He relates favorably to communistic leaders and socialistic dogma. He wants to take our hard earned money and spend it on entitlements that will bankrupt the country.

I sense young people don’t grasp the dangerous course Sanders has laid out. The US can’t be great if its citizens get everything for free, with no quid pro quos. Free medicine, tuition, childcare, food, shelter and education are not sustainable. Every healthy American needs to work and pay their fair share of taxes, as do the affluent. 1% of the country cannot sustain the needs of 99%. The math doesn’t work.

I hope it’s not to demeaning to say, but I think whose who support Sanders are being hoodwinked. The guy is a con man selling snake oil to the American people. His proposals are pipe dreams.

And what about Bloomberg? I believe the soul of our country is at stake if anyone other than Bloomberg becomes our next president. Trump’s policies aren’t his Achilles heal. He could be a good president, but he lies and distorts and is unkind.

Bloomberg is a great man, a self-made philanthropist who’s giving away his fortune. He’s a monstrous success in the business world and is a terrific administrator. He could be our savior. Too bad he’s a lousy debater. Vote for him in spite of this shortcoming.

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