Hillary’s Baaaack!

Voters are living in a time machine. Incredibly, some Democrats are actually calling for Hillary Clinton to jump into the primaries. Will this person ever give up?

From a journalistic perspective having Hillary around is manna from heaven. She is so easy to criticize. She continues to say the 2016 Election was stolen from her. Not one time has this person, who has the dubious honor of being defeated by both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, ever admitted that she was a lousy candidate. Never has she taken responsibility for her ineffective presidential campaigns.

If she makes a come back I will be delighted to remind my readers about her emails, conspiracies and poor work ethic. She will also be handicapped because her husband has lost a step or two. Hillary’s critics are ready to dust off the old playbook and discuss why so many are fed up with her whining and poor performance as a politician.

The real issue is that the current crap, I mean crop, of Democratic candidates is so pathetic that smart liberals are really concerned that Trump is going to obliterate whomever is nominated by the Democratic Party. Everybody knows that a socialist will not be elected president in this country. And Warren, with her $40 trillion of new entitlements and giveaways, has no credibility. She even ducks questions by her Democratic adversaries in the debates about how she will pay for her empty promises.

So let’s bring back Hillary and discuss how she helped Bill be such a good president, and learned so much about being the commander-in-chief while she was First Lady. She seems to enjoy being beat up by the right wing conspiracy that has never been identified. I’d like to meet them someday. She won the popular vote in 2016, so she should be president now. Unfortunately for her, you must win the Electoral College to be president. Sixth grade civics students know this, but not Hillary or her die-hard supporters.

In the meantime Adam Schiff and his left wing pals in the House are losing more face every day with their Star Chamber inquisition of Trump. By the way, judgments in Star Chamber proceedings are high-handed, unfair, and predetermined. If Democrats have some impeachable offenses that they would like to pin on the president, expose them publicly, not in some basement office in the Capitol Building devoid of press coverage.

Nothing the inquisitors come up with is going to surprise Americans about Trump. And, since when does our country turn its back on due process and adjudicate in secrecy? Every day leaks are showered on the liberal press, who like lap dogs, report without vetting the facts. Yet we are told an impeachment and conviction are going to be a slam-dunk. Actually the only slam-dunk is that the Senate will not vote to oust Trump from office.

And finally Joe Biden is surging in the polls. When will we learn that the polls are no longer reliable especially when the election is over one year away? Biden can’t even communicate effectively. How can he be our president?

Moreover, the economy is doing well. It’s the economy, stupid. The trade wars will end soon, and Trump’s policy of taking our troops out of harm’s way in the Middle East is probably a good idea. The Syrian Kurds will likely take a beating, which is unfortunate, but Turkey has targeted them for years. Trump still gets a “D” for execution.

Hillary’s comeback will make the election more interesting, but she’s going to lose to Trump once again.



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