What If Trump Refuses To Leave?

The standoff between President Trump and the entire political infrastructure in Washington is becoming more perilous every day for the country. Even Republican leaders are starting to say that Trump should give up for the benefit of the republic.

 It’s disconcerting to think that Democrats and others supporting Joe Biden may have committed voter fraud. Rudy Giuliani tried to make this case on Thursday. He’s acting as president Trump’s personal attorney. Unfortunately, Rudy was unable or unwilling to give proof of voting irregularities. For some reason, he thinks that Americans will believe Trump and him without verification of wrongdoing.

All the lies and exaggerations by the president during his tenure are coming back to haunt him. He has not provided one shred of credibility to his protestations. If the voters are going to side with Trump, he and Giuliani are going to have to make march out witnesses, fraudulent ballots and rigged voting machines. And this will have to be done in the next week or two.

I, for one, have lost confidence in the voting system in our country. Statistical analysis by Trump operatives, indicate that Biden benefited by ballot stuffing, used dead people’s names on ballots and manipulated voting machines, which were allegedly wired to add votes to Biden. Giuliani says he has affidavits from people who witnessed all types of voter corruption. All this is grounds for an investigation, but with an ample electoral majority and an overwhelming popular vote, Biden is going to be our next president.

I’m curious about what would happen if Trump refuses to leave and give the reins of government to Biden. Will Trump be handcuffed and escorted from the White House? Who will have the dubious honor of dragging the ex-president onto Pennsylvania Ave? Will it be the FBI or the Washington PD that does the dirty deed? Is Trump committing treason by not abiding to the wishes of the electorate? I guess no one knows. It never happened before in American history.

Then there’s all the secrets and national security information that must be passed on to the president-elect. And what about the box that gives the president the ability to launch nuclear weapons? What about the distribution of vaccine to combat the COVID-19 flu?

Americans should have known that Trump would be a major pain in the ***, if he lost. He thinks the security of our nation and the credibility of our democracy are things that he can manipulate. The departing president is a menace and deserves to be disparaged and ridiculed. He’s a total embarrassment to the country.

But what if the lawsuits favor Trump? What if the Democratic bosses in blue stronghold cities like Philadelphia, the Twin Cities, Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta did mess with ballots? It wouldn’t be the first time in history that people running for office and their supporters cheated. It truly would be the crime of the Century and it would destroy the Democratic Party.

The best case would be for Trump to walk away and retire to Florida. Americans can then forget about the last four years and move on with their lives. The next best case is to allow Biden to have his victory and waste millions on litigation relating to the 2020 election. At least voters will then know if it was rigged by zealous Democrats.

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