Walk Away, Mr. President

The president, who was defeated earlier this month, has indicated that he might not turn over power to his opponent. This inane and defiant attitude personifies the principle reason Trump was not elected for another four years.

Mr. President, you did a pretty good job governing the country. Our economy grew, and you made us more secure. But your inability to build bridges with those that oppose you or even suggest alternative actions was/is abominable. In the corporate world, the board of directors would say your business judgment is good. But keeping you on in any capacity is not worth the anxiety that you create. So, it was with the American voters.

Many people hate you to the point that they wept for joy when you were declared the loser of the election. Just imagine the emotion and vitriol that would have arisen if you won. Radical liberals would have protested, rioted and destroyed major cities throughout the country. This is not to say that I condone violent protests. I don’t.

Many households were torn apart when parents supported Trump, and their children voted for Biden. I hasten to point out that millennials are replacing baby boomers as the greatest political force in America. This group wants equality and the end of racial, sexual and religious bigotry.

You may believe in these ideals. If you do, you have a strange way of showing it. By not speaking out against white supremacists and the pervasive growth of gun ownership, you lost important groups of voters. A more measured response to sensitive issues would have made you a winner on Election Day.

You did solve a number of important problems. You promised to cut taxes, and you did. You promised to abrogate unfair trade agreements, and you did. You promised to clean up the Washington swamp, and you did. You made progress with Blacks, Latinos and other minorities economically. You restored the reputation of the US in the face of global anti-American sentiment.

The problem is that you rubbed our faces in all of your successes. You are the most un-humble leader the country has ever had. You are not the greatest. You are a liar. You twist and distort the truth. The press has a field day reporting on your misstatements and exaggerations daily.

I’m puzzled why anyone would vote for you. Of course, Americans have the right to pick who they want to govern our country. But you lost this time. You are a bad loser and a bad winner. Therapy might be helpful.

Mr. President, you are our elected leader and it hasn’t worked out, with the advancement of the pandemic, the hostile and unfair media and a bunch of vicious politicians on the other side of the aisle.

You have an opportunity to do a good thing. Walk away and begin to rehabilitate yourself. It’s never too late. Americans want a peaceful and effective transition of presidential power. You should make it happen for the good of our republic.

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