Trump Must Coordinate With Biden

The end of Donald Trump’s reign of terror, and the inauguration of Joe Biden cannot happen soon enough. There are a number of pressing life and death situations that need to be considered immediately by the president-elect.

The most dilemma is the pandemic. The new president must lead the charge as we defend ourselves against the COVID-19 flu. This means the federal government should consider, and implement if necessary, further actions (mandatory masking, restaurant closures, remote teaching and the like) to decrease the spread of the virus and resultant deaths. This is no time to take a break from efforts to protect Americans.

Secondarily, Biden is going to assume responsibility for the distribution of the vaccine when Trump exits the White House. The tentative plan is to immunize vulnerable elderly people and first responders in January and all others within six months. The logistics affiliated with inoculating two or three hundred million people are monumental. Biden should definitely play a major role in this effort, and Trump should start packing his suitcase, including his hair gel.

It’s obvious that Trump wants credit for defeating the pandemic. Under the best of conditions, this will not happen, right or wrong. Trump had his time as our Commander-in Chief, and now he must pass the baton, with or without accolades.

It’s been reported that Iran is misbehaving and breaking promises relating to nuclear development limits in the original Obama agreement. The New York Times indicated that inspectors found “a significant increase in the country’s stock of nuclear material.” Supposedly, Trump and his advisors considered a military strike on Iran, but it was not implemented.

Once again, it can be argued that the president is looking to have a significant legacy moment, and justification to extend his tenure. Both of these objectives are far-fetched to say the least.

The economy is at a critical point. It appears that the markets believe the US will experience very good conditions and relatively strong growth in 2021. This all could come crumbling down if Biden makes any bad decisions such as a widespread lock-down relating to the pandemic or over funding to support domestic businesses and individuals. Biden should be part of these discussions.

And finally, there is the political environment. Biden said he would make peace between Republicans and Democrats. Given that the Senate will be controlled by Republicans, the government will be at a standstill unless frayed egos are soothed, and comity returns to Congress.

The morale of the story is that Trump needs to transition to Biden right now.

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