Political Issues To Consider

It’s going to be hectic politically from now until the inauguration of Joe Biden in January, assuming he remembers to attend the affair.

The first order of business is dealing with the plethora of lawsuits affiliated with the election. Trump has been spouting off that he was cheated, although not much has been substantiated to this point. Yet, some of his allegations are very serious. In fact, if proven, they are grounds for recounts across the country and potentially even harsher remedies.

Trump and his minions are saying that there has been voter fraud, which occurred because of the ballots mailed to millions of Americans before the election. Some are accusing Biden supporters, post offices and vote counting stations of stuffing ballots using dead people’s names, accepting ballots without proper identification and recording ballots after state deadlines. These accusations, if deemed to have constitutional implications, could be considered by the Supreme Court. The remedies might include denying certain ballots, which could change the results in some tight races. And, the allegations could possibly foretell a re-vote if it is deemed serious enough by SCOTUS.

Depending upon the state, candidates have a right to question the outcome of their races and could demand a recount. Some states automatically recount if the votes are close.

The political stakes are high because of ballot chicanery assertions. If proven, they could impact pending runoffs and recounts for congresspeople and senators. Most importantly are two Senate races in Georgia. The outcome of the races could change the control of the Senate.

The implications of this situation are extremely important. A majority in the Senate would give Democrats control of the presidency and both houses of Congress. Liberals could change the rules of the Senate and abrogate the filibuster, so that laws would then be enacted by a simple majority. The filibuster would no longer protect the rights of the opposition party.

This would potentially create chaos in a number of situations rgarding SCOTUS packing, which would change the mix of conservatives and liberals on the Court, the establishment of two new states by Democrats that would increase their majority in both houses of Congress and enactment of new laws including higher taxes and universal healthcare. The latter items being goals of radical left-wing legislators.

Also brewing at this time is the impending battle in the House where Nancy Pelosi is being challenged by the most radical members of the body. The issue is whether the House should adopt more socialist entitlements that include one payer healthcare, a green program that would cost trillions and universal health care. The aforementioned plus a number of giveaways to various special interest groups, including the termination of our natural resource development, the de-funding of the police even as crime increases will be driving us towards a socialistic state, financial problems and the end of exceptionalism.

And finally, our nation needs to consider not only the unprecedented power of the largest high-tech companies but also the unbridled power of the press. This group is protected by the Constitution, so its influence over elections and unrelenting support of liberal causes has created an unfair advantage for Democrats. The press should be focusing on providing the voters with facts and less commentary and one-sided support of one party over another.

Trump should concede and move on. However, his lawsuits should continue. Any bad behavior that is discovered should be sanctioned and voter irregularities rectified to benefit future elections.

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