America After Trump

There are a number of relevant facts that should be considered as Congress and the media continue their blood-thirsty, yet warranted, attacks on Donald Trump. For instance, the concern that the president possibly would do something untoward or damaging to the US in his remaining days in office, or run again in 2024, are justified but have been blown out of proportion.

(Note: The authorities must assume the worst relating to Trump supporters and their desire to upset the transition of power to the new president. This should include putting the military on alert.)

Without a doubt, Trump went too far and incited his followers to violence in the capital last week. This action was criminal by all generally accepted standards, and Congress is responding accordingly. Even the most diehard supporters of the shameless, soon to be, ex-president could not excuse the despicable behavior of their leader. The only problem I see is that violent protests by other groups have not been treated with the same disdain exhibited towards the people who stormed our government.

Protests like those orchestrated by MLK, Gandhi and Mandela were non-violent. Nelson Mandela took control of an entire country with only nonviolent tactics. Surely, an advanced society like America can deal with disputes, inequality and injustice with verbal discourse and with the pen, and not with firebombs, weapons and confrontation with the authorities. Violent protest of every ilk is a crime and should be prosecuted no matter how righteous the underlying cause of dissatisfaction.

Trump is on the way out, forever. This is my opinion and not widely accepted. He will never be in a position of power again because he abused his office. We hear stories that the president will continue his political jihad as an average citizen. After all the craziness he is responsible for, who would give the reins of another elected office to this man? And who would support another run for the presidency in 2024? Even Trump supporters to this day are tired of the man’s narcissism, self-aggrandizement, power mongering and contempt of the rule of law.

It can’t ever be proven, but many believe Trump would have won the election, and the two Georgia Senate seats, if the he toned down his rhetoric during the campaign. The Democrats did everything in their power to hand over the government to Trump once again (beginning with their choice of president), but Trump whined, blathered, lied and made a fool of himself, which so many voters found unpresidential.

The question is what should happen next? Even if you believe Trump skirted the law, with alleged sedition, tax fraud and personal enhancement at the expense of the US taxpayers, I feel strongly that America should move on and act like the Trump experiment was nothing more than a bad dream. Wasting time in an effort to torture and torment the truly wicked person in the White House will not help us in the fight against the pandemic, nuclear proliferation and the crumbling US infrastructure. It will not save destitute Americans who have been devastated economically by Covid. We need our best minds to be working for a better America, not a jail sentence for a universally despised individual.

Many say that Trump’s racist, misogynistic an imperialistic attitude deserves to be punished. Maybe so, but I’d rather our leaders and lawmakers focus on helping my neighbors who are in dire straits. Let’s begin to forget about Trump now and not be taken in by liberal obsession to destroy the man more than he has already done to himself.

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