America Can’t Afford An Open Border

Most Americans are not xenophobic, bigots or discriminatory towards people of color. They support many charities that benefit the needy.

And yet, some of these very tolerant Americans are not in favor of allowing immigrants to enter the country illegally and then give them a license to stay indefinitely. No crime should be rewarded with the most cherished possession of citizenship. Radical left-wing activists would say these people are racists. It’s not true.

Further, Americans appreciate the importance of immigration to our country since it was founded. Our country is a beautiful melting pot. So many of our ancestors came from Europe and still retain many traditions. In fact, as Americans have evolved over the years, they are now merging together with other minority groups.

Our country’s immigration policies are antiquated and must be changed. One thing is sure, we don’t have an obligation- moral, humanitarian or constitutional- to accept refugees from places that are not as wonderful as America? Actually, no country in the world can compete with the lifestyles of America. It is no surprise that’s so many foreigners seek to become citizens of our country.

During the past half century, millions of people have entered the United States illegally and stayed as undocumented aliens. By law, they should have been exposed and sent back to the countries of their origin.

What is the result of this massive immigration? For one thing, Americans have subsidized this group to the tune of billions of dollars. Some estimates show that up to 15 million people are unlawfully in the country at this time. Many have taken jobs and built productive families. Some pay taxes and obey our laws. But many have not assimilated and need support to get by every day. This ranges from health care to education to welfare. It comes as no surprise that Americans have adopted this group of illegal settlers in spite of the costs. In fact, there is a tremendous movement to grant citizenship to those that live in America peacefully. After all, it would be inhumane and impractical to round up millions of people and ship them back to where they came from.

But the situation has become worse as millions more have continued to pour across our southern border. Most of the new illegals believe they have a “right” to enter our country. Some say they are persecuted and forced to live in abject poverty. Some say their countries are ruled by cruel despots. Can the US solve all the problems in the world? Hardly.

Liberals in America have expanded the meaning of generosity to include saving every poor person who shows up at our borders. To them, it does not matter if the interlopers are unhealthy, criminal or without any resources. Just let them all into the country without any restrictions.

This is a classic case of open borders. If America could afford to pay for all those trying to immigrate to it, the acceptance of these unfortunate people might be justified. But what is happening is that our needy citizens are getting shortchanged because we now must care for millions of strangers. It is a situation that cannot continue.

What are the costs of illegal immigration? It’s anyone’s guess. What does it cost to care for 10 plus million people? What does it cost to teach millions of children? What does it cost to house and feed millions that have no money to pay for these things? How much does it cost to ensure these people are healthy? How many more policemen do we need to watch over these interlopers? Who is going to pay for open borders? Answer, the taxpayers.

It is stunning that Democrats have assumed the role of savior for these people. They have illegally imposed higher taxes on Americans to assuage their guilt. Of course, there is a potential payback. If these undocumented illegals become citizens, they will likely vote Democratic as payment for their citizenship. Will it change the political landscape of our country? How will that change the direction of America? Excluding immigrants who already arrived, it would alter our population by over 5%. The percentage is much greater if you include newborn babies after immigrants arrive.

Moderates are prepared to accept a road to citizenship for all the law-abiding immigrants who have arrived already. But they are not willing to accept one additional person. This is a fair deal that should be part of new immigration policy.

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