Afghanistan Discrimination Against Women

If you had any hope that Afghanistan would emerge as a prosperous, diverse and law-abiding country, forget about it.

As an example of the despicable authoritarian regime, a New York Times article indicates that the Taliban has closed all public universities to women. They can no longer be teachers or students. This form of discriminatory sexual abuse is a small part of numerous religious and cultural practices that demean woman and their role in Afghan society.

How can a country operate effectively in today’s world when it has laws that denigrate half of its population? How can men be so unkind, unempathetic and misogynistic to their mothers, wives and daughters? What are the women thinking every time they are abused by male relatives and strangers on the street for improperly covering their faces or leaving their home without a male escort? Are Afghan men concerned that other males will covet their wives? If their wives are so important and dear to them, why do they treat them with such scorn?

An emergence of Afghanistan would be more likely if women could respond to the tyranny of men in their lives with a high level of animosity. The citizens of the godforsaken place known as Afghanistan would benefit greatly by a new menu of rules that pertain to females in the country, and them receiving some level of equality. Why don’t women around the world support Afghan women with money and outspoken abject disgust of Afghan men?

Woman in the US have many issues that are unresolved, but they are on their way to equality. Females who are treated like second class citizens in other countries should call upon their sisters around the world for help and good wishes.

Another place to accelerate this effort is the UN. All nations should work together in an effort to bring men under control in countries like Afghanistan. The UN has frequently expressed its concern for human right violations against woman globally, but I believe this needs more focus on places like Afghanistan.

Some men have been abusing women in the name of religion and culture for centuries. It’s time these abuses were made public and governments proactively respond to end them.

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