Two Very Different Women Attacked By NYTimes

Ironically, I decided to write one rebuttal to op-Ed pieces that tear apart two very different women, Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos founder, and Kyrsten Sinema, the centrist Democratic senator from Arizona. Both women are under a microscope for their behavior. The New York Times sanctioned the hit pieces in their editorial section.

The author of the Holmes story was at Harvard around the same time as the now infamous former CEO of Theranos and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. She presents her deepest feelings about the success and financial gains of Holmes in a short time span, as if anyone cares.

The author accuses Holmes of stifling the momentum that women have enjoyed in recent years in business and otherwise. I think the op-Ed is bogus. Holmes is a liar who committed various types of illegal activities including securities fraud. Everybody knows this, and she will pay dearly for her missteps. Holmes, in no way, has taken anything away from women that have been successful in recent years or will be in the future. In fact, it appears that the author is just realizing that she does not have the right stuff to make a big splash in her own career.

The article about Sinema is a red herring. The liberal columnist who wrote the article thinks she is a narcissist because the senator has become an outspoken impediment to the outrageous objectives of progressives during the past few months. She has expressed her opinions about big government and will fight to decrease the staggering amount of entitlements and giveaways in Joe Biden’s four or five or six billion plan to socialize the country.

The fact is that many people, including the writer, think that Sinema is a patriot by criticizing and refusing to vote for her party’s extraordinary spending extravaganza. She has risked her political fortunes for principle. She probably should change her party affiliation.

As an aside, Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia, has teamed up with Sinema in an effort to bring Biden, Pelosi, AOC and Sanders back down to earth. Both Sinema and Manchin are doing their country a great service by pushing back against an unwise spending spree and one-sided legislation that will hurt the country economically and widen the gap that separates Democrats from Republicans.

Why is it that liberal commentators denigrate every politician and Republican that they disagree with? Maybe the media is culpable for the inability of our political parties to work together.

As for Holmes, she is merely a misguided, self-deluded opportunist who lied for financial gain. Her actions have nothing to do with the fortunes of great women.

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