Open Borders: A Social, Economic and Political Disaster

The horrendous struggle at the southern border has become a national crisis of the greatest proportion. Biden has opened our borders effectively encouraging unbridled and illegal immigration into the US. The perspectives of both political parties have morphed into an unwise and costly battle that will affect Americans socially and economically.

Liberals criticize conservatives for not being empathetic. They say, how can the US allow millions of people in Central America and in Mexico to be subjected to tyranny and human rights abuses? How can we ignore the cries for amnesty? The answers are that the US cannot stop suffering and abuse around the world on its own.

While Americans are demanding more money for childcare, education, health care, homes and a wide variety of other types of assistance, we are coming to the aid of foreigners and illegal immigrants who are competing for the same dollars. All mouths cannot be fed. The US must care for its own citizens before taking up the causes of others around the world. There isn’t enough money to pay for all of the demand.

I have a skeptical perspective of Democrat efforts to open our borders. Are they doing so to build a new social caste in America that is beholding to liberal politicians? Are they doing crazy things at the border for votes 5 to 10 years into the future? Or maybe they want to once again denigrate other efforts to bring sanity to immigration from the south.

Not often enough do liberals consider the ramifications of unfettered spending. For instance, who is going to pay for the illegals crossing the border? Taxpayers, taxpayers, taxpayers. Democratic leaders are threatening our capital system by refusing to balance the books. Of course, I appreciate that our nation needs stimulus to save businesses and its citizens. But why are we taking on responsibility of thousands of interlopers who came to our country illegally?

We don’t know anything about most of the people flooding across the border. Are they criminals, drug dealers, murderers? Are they infected with disease? I cannot believe that this country is inviting people into it with no documentation.

And where are illegals being sent after they arrive? Do they get transported to border cities, or Chicago or Los Angeles or New York? Where will they live? How will they get food? The stress that illegals put on the ultimate destinations is monstrous. You cannot invite people into the US and not give them medical attention and seats in public schools. What about the language problem? How are illegal children learning in classrooms that are taught in English. Seems to me the liberal politicians have put the cart before the horse. If they want to increase immigration, they must have an infrastructure to manage the process.

There are thousands of people who are working through the system and becoming citizens. They follow the rules. What are they thinking about the mad rush to make every person who steps on US soil a citizen without quid pro quo?

As I scanned the newspapers yesterday, I saw no substantive articles on immigration. The liberal media is just going along with this fiscal insanity and humanitarian excess.  

One thought on “Open Borders: A Social, Economic and Political Disaster

  1. It is simply a matter that has been handled by a president of the United States the wrong way. What an idiot. We can’t get help from the president for all the shit going on with us but we are getting flooded with illegal immigrants that he feels sorry for. I thought the president was supposed to help the American people first then others. We have homeless people in America that need homes. People that fought for the country you are president of. But you help the illegal one instead. Shows just how much you care .

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