Illegal Immigration Stumps Biden Administration

The Biden administration is under the gun on several counts. A most important issue is illegal immigration on the US-Mexican border. President Biden has not been able to resolve the human carnage taking place, as promised.

The questions are: Does the US have an open border immigration policy? Are we going to allow millions of people to cross illegally into our country this year? Who’s going to pay for the care of these people that arrive with no money, nowhere to live, no food and no immunization from COVID? Where are we going to send these people after they arrive? To other border states, to New York City, to Chicago, to Los Angeles? Are Democrats willing to allow this massive invasion from the south believing that in five, 10 or 20 years the illegals will become citizens and vote for liberals? Is this any way to lead a country?

The situation down south has a number of important ramifications to consider short and long-term. The most pressing need is what to do with those who have been detained including hundreds of children. Are we going to cage illegals like animals until the system can catch up with the backlog? The captives must be fed, housed and treated medically. What is the short-term plan? Are we going to fill buses and drop these people off in the middle of cities throughout the United States? Are there plans to send illegals back to their home countries? How will we accomplish this? Who is going to pay?

As an aside, the answer to every question proposed asking who will pay is moot. Of course, American taxpayers will flip the bill. In the meantime, America has millions sleeping on the streets of its cities, increased poverty, more food stamps issued, excessive exposure to COVID, etc.

I don’t know how our government can continue to ignore the developments along the border. The “wall” is not looking like such an inane alternative any longer. At least, it would have stemmed the flow of illegals to some extent.

The federal government had no right to accept so many people. It is Congress’ role to establish quotas. Accommodations must be made to alleviate all the suffering. There must be a process, not a mad dash to wade across the Rio Grande. Our performance handling illegals is not much better than the refugee camps located in third world countries across the globe.

And then, of course, there is the humanitarian issue, civic responsibility and morality of our actions. Allowing people into the country with no process and creating a new class of destitute nomads is not good public policy even if it seems justified from an ethical perspective.

The US cannot save everyone throughout the world that has problems. The US must first take care of its own challenges before trying to solve problems globally. Leaders in Washington continue to be more concerned about the nut job who was our last president. Get over it. Start governing and legislating effectively.

There are no easy answers. But, taking care of illegals already in the US is a good start. Let’s give them a path to citizenship, but with one huge proviso: there can be no more illegal immigration into our country moving forward.

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