The Afghan Hell Hole

Everyone knew what was going to happen in Afghanistan except members of the Biden Administration. At some point, after 20 plus years of lost lives and treasure, an American president was going to end the occupation, and Taliban terrorists would be ready to swoop down and take control just as US troops were sent home.

The Taliban hate all foreigners, women, non-Muslims and believe that violence and human rights violations are not anti-social. All this bodes horribly for the rest of the world, as the Taliban encourages political instability by urging aspiring terrorists to organize, plan and raise money on their land.

Keep in mind, al Qaeda came together on Afghanistan soil and bin Laden orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. This was the reason the US invaded Afghanistan in the first place. An unbridled and authoritarian government led by Taliban maniacs is dangerous to all of its close neighbors and the rest of the world.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country with a population of 30 million located in Asia. It abuts Iran Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. China and India are a stone’s throw away from Afghanistan territory. Frequently, Afghan rebels and terrorists cross the border and stir up local dissidents. Even China has been subjected to Afghan inspired insurrection.

Every invader of Afghanistan has been unsuccessful. Most recently, the US and Russia were added to the list of invaders that were unable to stabilize the country. The Taliban is resourceful, violence-prone and extremely dangerous. Mountainous territory protects the Taliban from external forces.

Joe Biden was the American president who finally made the move to end the US occupation of Afghanistan as mentioned above. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a clue about the ramifications of doing so and opted for a completely unrealistic strategy. He may or may not have been given these plans by his generals and intelligence officers. There seems to be some disagreement about the evolution of the strategy to pull out. No one is taking responsibility.

Biden evacuated U.S. troops first and then tried to evacuate US citizens and Afghans helpful to the US during the past 20 years. Why he did this process ass-backwards is a mystery, and the international media has been flailing him with questions about such nonsensical tactics. The process should have been US citizens first, and Afghan friends and soldiers next.

A mass and rapid exodus needs a functioning airport to move many people quickly. And the military must protect the airport. There was not enough troop support to watch over the airport and the embassy at the same time, another dumb tactic.

There is general speculation about who will benefit and who will suffer from the events in Afghanistan. Let’s go around the horn. The first country that comes to mind is Afghanistan itself.

The Taliban failed to realize that the US was the country’s sugar daddy for two decades. The US provided $1 trillion during this time, and we would have probably agreed to provide much more to a peaceful Afghanistan regime. The country passed up on billions of dollars of support. It is a loser, and it will be years, if ever, that the country is stabilized.

Many are saying China is going to enter the picture, befriend the Taliban and begin working with Afghanistan. Why would the Chinese agree to get involved on the heels of disasters for Russia and the US? They won’t invest in a society that is not prepared to operate civilly, peacefully and cooperatively.

The rhetoric out of China is what everyone might expect. “The US is imperialistic and not a good ally, blah blah blah.” I am sure that China will not be the next patsy to spend treasure and blood in the godforsaken hellhole known as Afghanistan. China gains little from the recent events and will only be able to propagandize US actions. Having Afghanistan as an ally is an automatic burden.

Other neighbors of Afghanistan are in mortal danger. The Taliban will likely encourage terrorists who train on their turf, for a price. This will result in internal strife and aggravation for countries in the region. Keep in mind Afghanistan is radically Islamic. All neighboring countries will lose.

The US will be in a better position in the long run assuming it can stifle any serious terrorist activity in Afghanistan directed at it. We will probably move to attack any meaningful terrorist activities with bombing campaigns. And, we are going to stop giving Afghanistan costly military and economic support. It is a win for the US in the short term.

However, the reputation of the US from a diplomatic perspective is going to hell in a handbasket. Biden is responsible for walking away from an ally. Terrorism in the region will increase exponentially. Heart-breaking violence against women will increase to unheard of levels. Other kinds of humanitarian crimes will occur throughout the country. All the lives of helpful Afghanistan people that are lost will be on the shoulders of President Biden.

And finally, Biden has undoubtedly proven that he is not a wartime commander. This will hurt him and the Democrats in future elections.

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