“Build the Wall” Says One Progressive

Bret Stephens, columnist at the New York Times, wrote a thoughtful and courageous piece that endorses the “wall” that Donald Trump began to build to stem the tide of illegal migrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. According to Stephens, a true progressive, a wall will be needed to gain control of our southern border.

Stevens’ characterization of the flood of immigrants is “people who have been driven by fear or want from their homes in Mexico and Central America, and who are willing to take grave risks and pay exorbitant sums to make it to the US.” He goes on to say that Biden’s concept of compassion was an inducement to recklessness on the part of desperate people.

Stevens takes a moment to remind his readers of his disgust with Donald Trump, and that walls are ugly, defensive, suspicious things created by closed minded civilizations. Thanks Brett, we understand your hesitancy to recommend anything proposed by the last president, even if it would be helpful to progressive dogma.

We need a deterrent to stem the tidal wave of immigrants, 170,000 in March, up 70% over February’s number and the highest in 15 years. Stevens also endorses the word “crisis” to describe the situation on the border. The Biden administration refuses to do so. Detainees are being treated terribly by local officials. This encompasses an inordinate number of children.

The US according to Stevens is risking a version of the European crisis of 2015 that inspired Brexit and the popularity of far-right groups that eschew a humane policy to deal with migration.

Many moderate Americans would consent to an immigration policy that includes citizenship for the illegals currently in the country, if the US can end new illegal immigration. Democrats can expect no help from Republicans without this quid pro quo.

The US cannot be a security zone for persecuted people from around the world. We cannot increase our population by another ten million illegals already in the country. Resources are being drained by this group and not available to Americans who need assistance.

It was great to see that at least one progressive has considered the value of the wall on the southern border. It may not be an answer in and of itself, but it should be a part of any immigration policy that Congress proposes. I laud Bret Stephens bravery in taking a stand that is unpopular with his followers and colleagues at the Times.

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