Humpty Trumpty is having a big fall . . .

The American experiment to elect an outsider president has been an unmitigated disaster. Yet voters should appreciate that there are forces at work that will not accept an anti-establishment politician under any circumstances. Nevertheless many of us have been surprised that a duly elected president would be treated so shabbily and the liberal press and radical elements would join together to ensure his failure.

Donald Trump was elected because he was not part of the political establishment, which has done such great harm to our country over the past few decades. Trump is not responsible for the horrendous conditions prevailing across America. Rather he promised to expose inequities and problems domestically and internationally and make America great again.

When you consider the countless missteps of previous presidents who were clones of the types of men our country has always elected, you may be scratching your head asking why shouldn’t we try something new?

Trump is an outsider for sure. He criticizes all the bonehead decisions by his predecessors regardless of their political affiliations. Today Democrats and Republicans alike don’t support him. Senate and House Republicans have stabbed him in the back and resisted the implementation of many items that they endorsed in their political campaigns a few short months ago.

Trump is a political neophyte who naively thought he could reorganize the bureaucracy of our country the way he would a bankrupt company. His objectives are to eliminate waste and make the system more efficient. He’s discovered that the parallels between government and business are very different.

The response to Trump’s growing pains as president was most harsh when Republicans lost their courage to back him even after he led a clean sweep of the presidency and both houses of Congress. Political hacks will do anything, including threaten the very core of their own party, to fortify their own positions. While it suited their purposes they rallied around the brash outsider with his ill-regarded Twitter account. But when it came to brass tacks they dropped Trump like a hot potato. We now can be sure that political hacks will never accept an outsider. Their mantra is that every candidate must pay their dues and drink the party’s Kool-Aid.

Most Americans know that Trump is a self-promoting egomaniac. It was clear to New Yorkers for a long time and became evident to the electorate after a few political rallies and during the Republican debates. Yet change was so important that the electorate strove to bring in new blood and avoid four more years with the Clintons.

To a great extent Trump is responsible for the way he’s being treated. He doesn’t think it’s important to be liked. He believes that performance will ultimately win the day. Most people loved John F. Kennedy. He won the hearts of all Americans regardless of their political affiliations. We all mourned his early demise. It’s a testament to how far charisma can advance a politician’s career.

As a citizen Donald Trump stewed over the problems in America. He was perturbed that so many gamed the system, in Congress, at work and in their personal lives. Taking advantage of America’s generosity has resulted in a great corruption and waste.

Internationally Trump is right on. Most NATO members have not met their commitments to defense spending even as the threat of global terrorism and aggression by nuclear powers has increased materially. These cheaters know that the U.S. will take up the slack in a crisis, so they use our tax money to subsidize the cost of their security. When Trump called out the NATO members who have not increased spending they were insulted. Frankly the gall of our supposed allies should be an insult to Americans.

Climate change is another example of American generosity being abused. If the U.S. agrees to cut gashouse emissions it will happen. Is anyone so naïve to think that China, India and Brazil are going to do their part at the expense of their economies? Trump rightly walked away from the Paris agreement because he wants assurances that every signatory will do their part. Moreover the pact is non-binding and greenhouse gases are supposed to be reduced over a number of years.

Specifically if the U.S. imposes pollution requirements on a widget manufacturer the company’s costs will increase. If a competing Chinese widget manufacturer is not subjected to the same pollution standards, and costs, they will trounce their U.S. competitor in the marketplace and go out of business. This is an example of how American workers will lose out if the Paris accords are not carefully negotiated.

In trade agreements around the world the U.S. always gets the short end of the stick. Why is Trump’s desire to ensure that trade deals are fair a bad idea? Why should we allow other nations to unfairly prop up their industries at the expense of ours?

Even now many Americans believe that many of the things Trump wants for the country would be beneficial. Obamacare is a disaster, and every informed American knows it. Yet Trump’s opposition and his own party are making it impossible to amend.

Illegal immigration has cost Americans untold billions over the past two decades. And yet so many liberals are fighting tooth and nail to give these interlopers citizenship without any strings attached. It’s baffling to many Americans.

Immigration from certain places in the Arab world is creating greater and greater risk for countries around the globe. ISIS is determined to undermine western nations by brainwashing and financing suicide murderers. All non-Arab countries should take a time out and initiate action to lessen the peril of murderous acts on their homelands. The U.K. has been devastated three times in the past few weeks with terrorist acts. It’s hard to believe the U.S. is not being targeted at this very moment. Restricting immigration won’t end the problem, but it will decrease the odds of it occurring.

Many experts agree that the U.S. is being taken advantage of by its allies. For instance we should not be subsidizing the United Nations for international forces that are sent to far off hot spots around the world, climate change, efforts to decrease famine and disease and all other military and humanitarian efforts. Every U.N. nation should be paying their fair share.

It may be too late for Trump to rally. The press and liberal lawmakers are relishing the president’s struggles. “I hope Trump fails miserably” is the mantra of Trump haters. Talk about an un-American perspective.

Trump’s bureaucracy is not coming together because he is such a wild care, a grown up child that thinks tweets are the best way to put down enemies. Communicating on social media is here to stay. But in politics this form of reaching out to constituents has a long way to go.

From the start of the Trump era I said he could be a success based upon performance, notwithstanding his temperament. The political hacks in Washington just will not allow this to happen. And the traitors in his own party should start preparing to be the minority in as early as 2018 or no later than 2020 when a Democrat will surely be elected president. Humpty Trumpty is about to take a fall, and he will be dragging Republicans down with him.

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