The Federal Government Is Unproductive And Ineffective

Americans are becoming more disgusted with their leaders and lawmakers every day. Citizens loyal to both parties are sick and tired of the non-stop partisan rhetoric and the scandal-a-day mindset of the media. The way politicians and average Americans speak about the president is becoming more disrespectful with each passing day, even though a large amount of criticism is well deserved.

Very few times in our history has the government been more unproductive legislatively. Our elected officials hate their opposition and are taking action against each other that ensures no chance of compromise in the halls of Congress.

Our nation desperately needs reform and/or strengthening in so many areas. These crises are being waylaid and deferred by politicians incapable of passing a bill. Among the most important are health care, infrastructure, national security, immigration, military readiness and taxes. Also many in the country have serious problems with privacy issues, the rights of minority groups, climate change and the stability of our economy.

Normally concerns are identified by politicians and debated. Then solutions are voted on and become law. Political parties fiercely express their vision along the way. In more productive times compromise and bipartisanship win the day and the nation benefits.

Today there is almost no comity or desire to enact bipartisan and needed legislation. Republicans have a majority and control the presidency. And yet, even with complete domination of the government, the G.O.P. has been unable to muster a majority vote on very important legislative matters since the 2016 Elections.

Imagine that. The opposition is neutered, and the majority’s inability to control its caucus results in legislative paralysis. Contributing to this condition are Republicans who have deserted their president and their party for esoteric and philosophical reasons.

Democrats are no better and have become the no-idea party. Their mission is to obstruct and destroy the presidency. Using filibusters and parliamentary game play, Democrats have halted the legislative wheels of progress for political gain.

The president has resorted to executive mandates undoing the damage done by his predecessor with his mandates. What’s a president to do when the opposition obstructs and his own party is not supportive?

Frankly mandates used in place of traditional lawmaking is borderline unconstitutional. Congress has the responsibility to enact laws, not the president, or judicial activists for that matter. Is this tactic damaging our government? Damn right it is.

The new president has convinced the world he is unmoved by history, tradition and old-fashioned diplomacy. He thinks that tweeting is the most effective way to govern. He is not interested in trying to work with the opposition. In fact many doubt the president or any of his advisors are even capable of eliciting support from Capitol Hill.

Trump’s grating personality and has proven to be ineffective domestically and internationally. He doesn’t understand that Putin, Kim Jung-un, Assad and other problematic world leaders know political enemies at home are handcuffing the president’s administration. They want to take advantage of the fact that Trump is a weak.

What is the endgame? Is America going to limp into the 2018 and 2020 elections and make massive changes? Will our emasculated Congress do anything positive? Is it too late for Trump to change his ways?

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