The Pols Who Are Making Our Government Ineffective

Who are the most partisan and disruptive people in Washington? The list is a long one.

Most Americans are disgusted with the partisan shroud over our government. The situation has gotten so bad that just about everyone is sickened by our un-presidential president, and our lawmakers who are unable to legislate.

Donald Trump deserves a great deal of responsibility for the environment in our nation’s capital. He’s an angry man who believes Washington is a swamp populated by corrupt and contemptible people.

Hillary Clinton (a.k.a. Crooked Hillary) has been his favorite target before and after the election. He infuriates his enemies by conferring on them denigrating nicknames alluding to their ethics, physical stature or inability to perform their jobs. This playground commentary directed at our country’s leaders and lawmakers has poisoned the well.

When Trump outs a poor performer or any person who opposes him, he does it with venom. He truly hates others who are unwilling to bow to his wishes. If America was a totalitarian state and Trump was the governing despot, he would have purged scores of people to solidify his rule. But we are a democracy, and the president must work with Congress and represent every American.

It may seem trite, but when the electorate spurns politician, they really should retire and allow the winners to do their jobs. Hillary Clinton continues to disrupt the country without any standing.

She resents the fact that Barack Obama and Donald Trump stole the presidency from her. Why did this happen? For one thing Hillary is not Bill. The latter was a masterful politician. He was able to stay in power and retain his presidency after being humiliated and impeached as a liar.

Hillary made many errors during her campaign and refused to fess up to any of them. She continues to be dogged by accusations of scandals every day. And Hillary attributes her pathetic political performance to incompetent people who worked for her and the far right.

Frankly it’s time for Hilary to go away and can her sanctimonious whining about achieving her destiny. In 2008 the voters wanted a fresh face, so Obama won. In 2016 the country wanted change, so Trump won.

The GOP caucus in Congress deserves special mention for its disloyalty and naivety about the operation of American government. Led by upstarts who believe they can effect change in Washington on their own, certain lawmakers defy their party. For some reason they do not appreciate that power in America lies with the majority. If you have more votes in Congress, you drive the agenda and you enact the laws.

These rebels, in effect, seceded from the Republican Party and make it impossible for it to impose traditional ideology. The majority has essentially been lost. Savvy lawmakers would have accepted compromise with fellow Republicans, kept their powder dry for another day and solidified their party’s power base. But these outliers have made the Trump agenda unattainable.

The Democratic Party deserves special mention for doing their part in making our government impotent. The opposition needs to protect the country from tyranny by the party in power. This is an important and noble role. However being completely uncooperative regarding legislation of any kind just to embarrass the president is downright un-American.

Instead of obstructing all legislation, Democrats would have been better served by cooperating on bills that are important to the country. Democrats built their case against Republicans. If you hate Trump, we are your party.

Almost never do Democrats offer alternative legislation that has any chance of stimulating bipartisanship. They are a party with no ideas, no exciting leaders and no chance of making progress while Republicans are shackled by the craziness of the Trump administration. 2018 and 2020 should be moments when Democrats make gains. It’s not gong to happen.

And finally there are the lobbyists. Many ex-politicians populate this group. They have become too disruptive. They corrupt our leaders and lawmakers. The president and Congress should be working towards decreasing the influence of lobbyists so that our country can move forward without undue interference. This group and all their special interests make wide-ranging legislation impossible.

The impediments to great government in Washington are overwhelming. Ego and power have superseded patriotism. Remember term limits? We should have them and turn over Congress periodically.

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