Democrats Should Agree To Trump’s Dreamer Proposal Now

The debate about Dreamers has overwhelmed Washington. Democrats are creating more controversy every day by looking for reasons to bad-mouth any initiatives by President Trump. Instead of focusing on Trump’s rhetoric and what may be his inner most feelings about illegal aliens, liberals should just do a deal and protect these people.

The fact is Trump is offering to protect 1.8 million Dreamers, up from 800 thousand a few weeks ago. If Democrats want to make points with their liberal base, they should rally around this development alone.

Trump also proposed a 12-year path to citizenship. No one has even attempted to address the back end of the Dreamer problem, but the president has done so. The opposition could negotiate aspects of this term of the deal, but it is a great starting point.

The other aspects of Trump’s proposal are critical. The US must find a way to integrate illegals into our society. It is unreasonable to think that authorities can round up 10 million people and send them back to their countries of origin. But ensuring the problem does not grow is shear stupidity.

The  wall will help stop future growth of the illegal population. When you compare a 10, 20 or 30 billion dollar price tag to the cost of feeding and caring for 5 million more illegals (and their future offspring), the cost of the wall appears to be a good investment.

Eliminating the lottery and family migration are sensible additions to good immigration reform if keeping undesirables out is a priority. Bringing in more immigrants into the country using the lottery without strong vetting is a recipe for disaster.

Migration of families sounds like a nice thing to do, but it should not be a priority for the US. Our goal should be focused on border control not open borders. Illegals have no right to enter our country unless our government gives it to them.

It’s easy to see where this controversy is heading. Democrats will use it to denigrate Trump. If the president offered amnesty to all 10 million illegals Democrats would find fault. They want to obtain more seats in Congress and are politicizing immigration to do so.

Trump’s inarticulate rhetoric is not productive, nor is it really that important. Whether he calls the group Dreamers or something else is irrelevant if he gives Dreamers a clear path to citizenship.

Democrats, negotiate a deal and protect this group before a deal becomes impossible. If you are unreasonable and shut down the government, you will pay in November 2018 and in November 2020.

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