The Immigration Debate Is Crazy

Every day competing political factions in the country find or manufacture new issues that tear America apart. In each case the stakes are very high, and the drama is turbocharged by the media. Both sides, usually liberal versus conservative, try to convince Americans that these issues have the potential to destroy our nation and besmirch our Constitution.

The latest controversy is immigration. For some reason our leaders, over the past several decades, have enabled, or turned a blind eye towards, millions of illegal immigrants that have entered the country. This group of 15 million or more has not been vetted, is very poor, has been encouraged by Mexican authorities and is subjected to cruel and vicious desperados who steal their money and treat them like chattel.

But most importantly the tsunami of humanity crossing our borders is changing the dynamics of our society and threatens our country’s financial security. It’s pitted American against American on yet another issue. Liberals believe that these destitute people have a divine right to escape whatever horrible conditions they faced at home, and that Americans have a divine obligation to assist them.

The results of this grand migration are financial issues of huge proportions for the states that have been forced to accept illegals, and a future dislocation of our social and political balance as the group grows. Our laws that provide automatic citizenship to anyone born in the US, even to children of illegals, have and will be a major issue moving forward.

All the mistakes, blind eyes and kicking the can down the road relating to immigration have now come to a head. On the one hand our borders are porous and the spigot of illegal immigration has not been turned off. On another hand these people are desperate in many regards and are seeking asylum from terrible conditions in Mexico and points south. And finally the 15 million plus immigrants already in the country will likely be given a path to citizenship. Our nation will be permanently changed because of this eventuality.

Ironically sensitivity towards innocent children of illegals has been the catalyst to stoke political jockeying by both parties. First it was the DACA kids who were brought to the country illegally and have now been here for several years. Most politicians believe this group should be protected even though they are just as illegal as their parents, although not responsible for their fate.

And now, existing laws require border agents to separate children from their families when officials apprehend them. The shame of this quirk of the law, enacted prior to the election of Trump, is the impetus of his efforts to make things right in our immigration practices. The whole issue of immigration has now totally dominated our government even while terrorism and nuclear proliferation, along with a plethora of other issues, are screaming for attention.

When one discusses human kindness and cruelty is seems inappropriate to consider financial ramifications. Yet, the cost of immigration to the American taxpayer to care for those already in the country is gargantuan. The annual net cost of illegals, after considering the benefits of their presence in the country, is at a minimum over $100 billion annually, and could be much higher according to experts. The situation is not improving as we look ahead. The spigot of immigration has not been closed because of delays to the president’s plan to secure the border.

How much will it cost in ten years to pay for the services needed by more than 20 or 25 million illegals? How much will it cost to end the continued surge of mankind over our southern borders?

It is true that illegal aliens have benefitted our country by working in the fields and doing manual labor that Americans shun. But many of these people don’t pay taxes, and they use government services extensively for health care and education.

Liberals scream xenophobia whenever anyone objects to illegal immigration. But it’s a fact that many people that cross our borders illegally are criminals, gang members and destitute. They bring very few skills to our country. In spite of this liberals insist that they deserve the same rights as Americans.

The ultimate rub is that certain municipalities throughout the country have established so called sanctuary states and cities. The leaders of these places are “protecting” immigrants who broke the law by entering our country illegally. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are prevented from accomplishing their mission to secure America.

Many Americans are wondering why sanctuary leaders are not allowing ICE agents to do their job and weed out the undesirables and criminals. And a growing number of Americans are asking why the Attorney General of the US has not issued warrants for the arrest of state and city leaders that are breaking the law, It’s becoming more obvious that Americans living in sanctuary municipalities are growing more unhappy every day, especially in California.

Many countries around the world are trying to deal with illegal immigration. The reason is that it is disruptive and costly to assimilate huge numbers of people. Making matters worse is that governments are having trouble differentiating between immigrants and refugees from tyranny.

The cost of illegal immigration has reached a point that politicians must be responsive and enact laws that honor legal immigration that has made our country strong and discourage those who enter our country illegally.

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