Obama Is Unavailable, He’s On The Golf Course

By Sal Bommarito

Has our president checked out? The man was crucified after rushing out of a press conference (about the beheading of James Foley) to make a tee time. Ignoring the avalanche of bad press about spending too much time with his buddies, instead of acting like the leader of the free world, he played golf the next day as well. Clearly, no one is going to deny Obama his next 18 holes.


The president has little interest in the plethora of pressing issues throughout the world and within his own country. He eschews conversation about race relations, the IRS scandal (we now know officials lied to Congress), Syria, Iraq, ISIS and Palestine for global warming. The world is seemingly under assault by evildoers, and Obama wants to study polar icecaps.


Fatigue may be what every president experiences in his last two years. Being a lame duck leader with a hostile Congress is not fun. But, somebody’s got to run the operation. If you are President of the United States you really should not delegate management of the country to others. Rumor has it that Valerie Jarrett, the president’s principal adviser, is now the most powerful person in the world.


The president has ignored ISIS, the latest incarnation of radical Islamic aggression. Defense Secretary Hagel has told us that the group is a clear and present danger to the Middle East and to the U.S. ISIS has tactical military capabilities and a ton of funding from rich Arabs in the region and from pilfering oil and materiel in Syria and Iraq. Does anybody think ISIS is strong enough to repel 24-hour bomb sorties? The Iraq military under Saddam Hussein was crushed in days. The U.S. should initiate bombing immediately.


The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is out of control. We need to be supportive of Prime Minister Netanyahu, but even he needs to be reined in from time to time. The combatants cannot piece together a multi-day cease-fire. Isn’t that what the U.S. is supposed to do? Shouldn’t we be insisting that the warring factions stop fighting and start negotiating? Where is the leadership?


Ever since the Middle East and Ferguson, Missouri have flared up, not a word can be seen in the press about immigration. In the meantime, illegals are streaming into our country inflaming an already outrageous situation. Ten million plus immigrants have entered the country already, yet our government has not done a damn thing to stop it. The U.S. has become an open door country. We now effectively accept any one from any country because if you cannot get in legally, you can just stroll across the border. We sent over 200,00 troops to Iraq to defend (unsuccessfully) its democracy, yet we do not protect our own borders from assault. Bring soldiers home and send them to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.


And what about Ferguson? Well, Al Sharpton is running that circus. The man is a civil rights ambulance chaser and self-promoter. He has been accused of a number of inappropriate activities over the years. But most of all, he thrives on controversy surrounding African Americans. Without discontent, Sharpton would be out of work. He is not the man the administration should depend upon to help the black community solve problems relating to poverty and unemployment. Nevertheless, Sharpton is effectively a member of the Obama cabinet based upon recent reports in the news.


If the president cannot take the heat, if he just wants to play golf, he should step down.



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