ISIS: What Could Go Wrong As The U.S. Attacks The Terrorists?

By Sal Bommarito

Disgustingly, ISIS aired the beheading of another innocent non-combatant, a man from Great Britain. The atrocities of the terrorists are causing more and more peace-loving people around the world to demand retribution. They are hoping that the bombing will begin soon. Yet, there are many potential landmines that could threaten the success of President Obama’s mission to kill the ISIS murderers. Below is a comprehensive list of events that individually could significantly impact the American invasion.

• Obama stated that there would be no American boots on the ground. Yet, most military experts say ISIS cannot be eradicated without effective ground troop support.
• Iraq, Syria and the Kurds are expected to provide ground troops. But, they may not be qualified or armed properly to assist bombing operations and kill surviving ISIS fighters.
• Will Obama be able to accept the likelihood of significant collateral damage, the death of non-combatants during airstrikes?
• A significant Arab country might suddenly support ISIS. Although it is unlikely, Iran would be a possible candidate if it were spurned by the U.S. (which is already happening) and decides to foil the America incursion into the region.
• In an act of desperation, ISIS could blow up Iraqi oil wells and cause an energy crisis.
• ISIS could retaliate against U.S. airstrikes by butchering thousands of innocent bystanders.
• ISIS could take cover in populated areas making air strikes very difficult without significant collateral damage.
• If there is a dire need for boots on the ground in the future, Congress may not authorize them.
• If the conflict continues for an extended time, Congress may discontinue funding of the operation.
• Are moderate rebels in Syria really moderate? Will they use our armaments against the U.S. in the future?
• If Iraqi Sunnis do not buy into the U.S. effort, it will be much more difficult to root out ISIS fighters in Iraq after the bombing operations end.
• If Shiites in Iraq do not allow Sunnis to participate in the new government, will Sunnis attempt to sabotage the U.S. mission?
• Western recruits in ISIS are increasing every day. Will these malcontents return home and wreak havoc on their homelands?
• A large terrorist attack could occur in the U.S. and result in an unexpected response by America.
• A large terrorist attack could occur in Israel, and it would surely jump into the fray to the dismay of the Arab world.
• A weapon of mass destruction could be used by any of the combatants in the region. This contingency would have a devastating effect on American operations.
• Arab religious leaders could object to the ferocity of the new airstrikes and discourage their governments from assisting the U.S.
• The Russians could insert themselves in the conflict.

Let’s hope the Obama administration considers all these possibilities before the bombing sorties begin.

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