Please Mr. Bloomberg, Run For President!

By Sal Bommarito

The presidential election is becoming more convoluted every day. Most noteworthy are Donald Trump’s surging support throughout the primary process even as he eschews political correctness, Hillary Clinton’s incompetent campaign and the increasing commentary about her un-trustworthiness and Bernie Sanders’ growing popularity among millenials despite being a socialist.

Some are so taken aback by the current standings in the Republican polls that they are questioning the accuracy of them. A New York Times story indicated that a New Hampshire poll, which showed Trump with about 32% support, must be untrue. Some New Hampshire voters are asking where are the people voting for Trump? One man said he only knew the majority who were not voting for the Donald.

Most frustrating for Republicans is that the competitors for the presidential nomination are attacking each other more viciously. It didn’t start out this way with Trump and Cruz, but now their TV ads are becoming more aggressive towards each other every day. Trump says Cruz may not be qualified to be president because he was not born in the U.S. Cruz hit a low point by suggesting that Trump was for eminent domain, a government process that absconds land from Americans to serve other purposes, like construction by Trump companies. Who cares about ED (eminent domain, that is)? Let’s talk about the economy, taxes and terrorism.

The candidates are competing to have the most pugnacious policy for problems in the Middle East. Trump says he is going to “bomb the sh-t out of [ISIS].” Cruz told Fox News “. . . yes that means carpet bombing [ISIS] into oblivion.” The more bellicose, the better. The ramifications of bombing civilian areas, otherwise referred to as collateral damage, must be considered carefully. One wonders how the American public will respond to thousands of innocent deaths in Syria.

To this point, Trump has dashed the generally accepted theory that a candidate must cater to his or her base in the primaries and move to center in the general election. The Donald is about as populous as a candidate can be. Yet, he is attracting many evangelicals in Iowa and right wing voters as well. It will be interesting to see whether Trump pivots in the general election, if he wins the primary.

On the Democratic side, most of the chatter is about Hillary Clinton’s latest version of the truth regarding a number of scandals. If any other person in this country were as cavalier as she about her emailing on a personal computer while Secretary of State, they would have been indicted already. Consider General David Petraeus.

It’s also mind boggling to think that the F.B.I. is pursuing Clinton as she’s campaigning for president. What level of crimes, lies and distortions are necessary to disqualify a person form being president of this country?

The current president is remaining “neutral” in the Democratic race, even though he is not so secretly helping Hillary and bashing Sanders. Obama must love all the accolades he’s receiving from Hil and Bernie. But, we all know they’re only lauding the president’s legacy to gain his favor.

The newest development is that the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is considering a run for the presidency as an independent. Wow. It just might be successful, given the lack of quality candidates we currently have in the race. Mike is one of the smartest and most respected Americans in the country, although he is not widely known away from the East Coast. And, of course, he has a couple of billion dollars lying around that he can use to finance his political aspirations.

I hope Mike makes a run.


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  1. Sal,

    You’re not alone in your hope that Bloomberg run – he is a better choice than any of those candidates running for President. America needs a better candidate and Bloomberg is an excellent choice.


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