The Establishment Versus The Amateurs

By Sal Bommarito

About nine months ago, Republicans had a good option- Jeb Bush. He was a successful governor and is a cerebral politician. Unfortunately, Jeb was unable to excite the conservative electorate even though he was backed by large financial supporters. Republicans have been left in a lurch with a motley group of unqualified candidates.

For about nine months, Donald Trump has stoked voter disenchantment against “the establishment.” He convinced Republicans that all politicians were stupid and incompetent, literally. Trump said he was qualified to be the leader of the free world because he amassed a ten billion net worth, and he’s a seasoned deal maker after negotiating numerous real estate and golf course transactions.

What were Trump’s supporters thinking? What are they still thinking? Republicans should not abandon the party establishment. They need its political savvy and experience to beat down the Clinton scourge of distortions, lies and radical liberalism. And most important, the establishment is the repository of really great candidates.

Since the 1960s, young people relished the opportunity to stick it to the man. The issues of those days were much different than today. Many young men were being drafted into the military, killed and maimed in an inane war. And, African Americans were courageously fighting for equality. In the 21st Century, it is different.

Social inequities still exist. Racism continues to plague us. But, our lives have improved greatly over the past half-century. It was made possible because America bestowed upon us several great leaders. We continue to have great men and women ready to serve the country, but we must seek them out and not settle for fast-talking grifters who try to dazzle us with deception and false hope.

Experimenting with real estate developers and first term senators who have not yet made their bones is a recipe for disaster. Electing a woman who has pivoted to the extreme left and consistently twists the truth is insane. Yet, our next president could come from this group.

It appears that Republican may have finally come to their senses and recognized that electing an amateur, with so many issues threatening our way of life and our freedom, is not a good idea. Romney has spoken out and exposed Trump for what he really is. Many other conservative leaders are stepping up and suggesting that the current slate of candidates falls short of what America deserves.

But, it may be too late. What are the odds that Trump doesn’t gain a majority of delegates before the convention? If he doesn’t, what are the odds that a really qualified candidate can emerge during the convention? If spurned at the convention, will Trump run as an independent ensuring a Democratic victory in the general election?

The movement against the establishment by Republicans and Democrats is ill conceived. We are trying to elect the next president of the United States. America needs a strong experienced leader who can deal with the perils that confront us.

Our economy is fragile. Our security is being threatened. Our health care is in shambles and slowly bankrupting the country. We better look to the establishment for a qualified leader before we elect another disappointing president.


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