The Crybabies Should Stop Whining And Support Trump

The election of Donald Trump has increased the animosity that certain Americans have towards our federal government and the conservative movement. It has encouraged radical left-wing elements to protest against many aspects of our lives ranging from capitalism to entitlements to civil rights.

Interestingly reporters have found that many protesters didn’t even vote. Imagine that. What right does a citizen have to criticize if he or she was too busy to vote on Election Day? Some countries have mandatory voting requirements. Maybe the U.S. should consider this alternative form of democratic practice.

Immediately after the election the losers attempted to be gracious. Hillary Clinton wished Trump the best even though she didn’t mean it. She moped around on stage and shed a few tears as if she was (once again) cheated out of her divine right to be president.

The Clinton campaign was just as dirty and deceitful as Trump’s. It really wasn’t a fair fight because Hillary had the support of most of left-wing press. Yet she still found a way to lose.

Even our failed president acted presidentially, for a day or two. He hosted Trump at the White House and told him that it would be a mistake to dump Obamacare and tear up the Iran nuke deal (his legacy accomplishments). He told Trump that it was tough to be president, and he shouldn’t make any rash decisions when he takes office like reversing  the president’s unconstitutional mandates.

But these “good vibrations” didn’t last very long. Obama went on the attack. His legacy, if that’s what you want to call it, is under siege. Every day he’s trying to convince anyone who will listen that he did a good job. He didn’t, and everybody knows it. Consider the following.

Our health care system is in shambles. Iran is violating provisions of the nuclear arms deal and creating havoc throughout the Middle East. ISIS is gaining strength as an ideology, if not as a fighting force. Blacks are worse off than they were eight years ago if welfare and urban violence are the barometers. The economy is fragile. No one should be fooled by lower unemployment statistics. They don’t account for those who left the work force and those that are underemployed. And when middle class Americans look at their bank accounts they realize that they have less disposable income than they did when Obama took office. I wonder what the president did right, and why aren’t we celebrating the impending change at the White House?

Obama broke with tradition by sticking his nose into election politics and by not truly supporting his successor, regardless of whoever it was. His rhetoric is flowery, but his comments are vindictive and fomenting violence in the streets.

It has been reported that teachers across the country are encouraging  children to denounce the new president. They are telling impressionable young ones that they are in mortal danger because Trump will soon be in power. It’s likely that these educators will soon have their students preparing for a nuclear war by seeking shelter under their desks like we did in the 1950s.

One of the greatest campaign efforts took place shortly before Election Day. Trump and Pence were crisscrossing the battleground states trying to convince voters to cast their ballots for change.

At the same time Hillary, Bill, Barack, Michelle, Joe (Biden), Kaine, Bruce (Springsteen), Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, Chance the Rapper and scores of other celebrities were begging voters to opt for Clinton. It didn’t do any good. The Clinton campaign was banal, unimaginative and unconvincing. Hillary got what she deserved- a one-way ticket back to Chappaqua.

Now we’re in the transition phase. The campaign has said on numerous occasions that the selection process is moving along nicely. But the talking heads and Trump haters are saying it is falling behind either because no one wants to work for Trump or because the process is inefficient. It was reported that the transition team has already received 40-50,000 resumes for jobs in government.

The naysayers have indicated that Trump is involving his family. They say his business interests represent an irreconcilable conflict of interest. They say he has not returned calls to world leaders. Maybe he’s been too busy. They even say that the president-elect is choosing conservatives to advise him. Can you believe that?

The crybabies are doing everything possible to make life miserable for Trump. Given that he won the election fair and square you would think all Americans would give him a chance to succeed. Do they really want the new president to fail? Too many people don’t want to be ruled by Trump, but it’s too damn bad.

Having said all this, Trump has to perform. He must keep his promises regardless of push back. Setting aside style Trump has good ideas. His principal objective is to make America great again. The fact is our country has slipped after eight agonizing years with the other guy.


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