Mitt Romney Should Be Nominated Immediately For Secretary Of State

The news that President-elect Trump is seriously considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State is a very important development. The selection of Romney would give great credibility to the Trump administration. It will be a welcomed move that will elate skeptical Americans and the Republican establishment.

Mitt Romney has many qualifications to head the State Department. As governor of Massachusetts he was able to work effectively with Democratic opposition and accomplish many things for his state. Managing this monstrous bureaucracy was an excellent training ground for the State Department job.

As a founding partner of Bain Capital Romney grew the business with his partners into one of the premier private equity firms in the world. During his tenure he interfaced with many local businessmen and dignitaries across the globe. His efforts at Bain brought him great fortune, which enabled him to redirect his efforts to public service.

Besides the aforementioned Romney was CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organization. The event was a gigantic success from every perspective.

There is no one with greater character or integrity in this country than Romney. These attributes will be beneficial to Donald Trump in his efforts to make America great again.

It is a tribute to Romney and to the new president that they buried the hatchet. Many regretful things were said during a heated presidential campaign. As the two men got to know each other better the relationship has blossomed and will continue to grow in the future. This selection would be a game-changer for Trump and the other cabinet members and appointees.

Another important consideration relates to confirmation. It is highly likely that the Senate will easily confirm a Romney nomination, unlike several other controversial candidates. Secretary of State is not a position that can remain open without serious ramifications.

Donald Trump’s success as our next president is totally dependent upon the ability of the people he selects to make good on his promises. More than any other selection, Romney will give Trump tremendous momentum in critical areas such as defense, security, global relations and trade.

Additionally Romney will rein in a State Department that has not been able to lead and institute initiatives that have staying power. The Middle East is in shambles. The Iran nuke deal is a disaster waiting to happen. And the reputation of the U.S. globally has been damaged by an administration that has not lived up to promises made to other heads of state. The U.S. must once again lead the global community of nations.

We should all encourage the selection of Romney as our next Secretary of State.


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