Trump Must Have Early Victories To Deflect Criticism

Here is an abbreviated list of Trump’s priorities.

  • Fix, not eliminate, Obamacare. Under no circumstances should anyone lose existing coverage.
  • Kill ISIS
  • Reform the tax code
  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Rebuild the military
  • Improve our economy
  • Revitalize our infrastructure
  • Improve education
  • Renegotiate trade deals
  • Abrogate the Iran nuclear deal
  • Support Israel unconditionally
  • Attempt to make peace with Russia and China

The time has arrived. President Trump must deliver on the promises he made during his campaign. It’s critical for him to have a fast start on all fronts. Success will breed more success as the new president negotiates with Congress and world leaders.

Some Americans have decided to give Trump a chance to perform and ignore his personal style and dark view of America. In his inauguration address Trump defied tradition by focusing on the most sinister issues facing the country and the lack of leadership during the past decade.

The nation needed a wake up call. It was this stance that catapulted Trump into the presidency. By being strong and never taking no for an answer Trump will eventually improve conditions for all Americans.

Many people and the liberal media seem to think the economy is in good shape. In today’s paper journalists referred to an improved stock market and lower unemployment, an indirect shout-out to Obama. But it’s not exactly true.

Election results have proven that many Americans are not experiencing better times. The economy is fragile and there are many Americans out of work that are not represented in the unemployment figures.

The perils that confront the Trump administration are significant. Most important will be the determination of the Democratic Party and liberals across the country to make him fail. It’s hard to believe that partisans have sunk so low.

The personification of this attitude is Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). He wants to make a good impression in his new role as the minority leader of the Senate. Delaying cabinet appointments is one of his tactics. Given that the Senate only needs a majority to confirm Trump’s nominees, it is senseless to slow down the process as Republicans have a majority.

It’s idiotic for Democrats to assume the role of obstructionists moving forward. This ploy worked successfully for Republicans after Obama jammed his ideologies on us, starting with Obamacare. But Trump is far less ideological and much more practical. He’s focused on fixing problems, not espousing a conservative agenda. In fact his inauguration speech probably hit home for many Bernie Sanders supporters.

Democrats would be wise to jump on the bandwagon and help get things rolling legislatively. These include tax reform, immigration reform and fair trade. Standing in the way of these seminal issues will result in a deeper hole for the Democrats.

The most disappointing phenomenon is the protest movement percolating against Trump even before he took office. Trump won the election. All Americans should support the new president unless he gives them tangible reasons to oppose him. It’s absurd that Trump’s detractors are assuming certain actions by him based upon campaign rhetoric.

The protests in Washington and around the country have turned violent in some cases. Are Americans unable to demonstrate peacefully? Does every protest need to involve destruction of property, casualties, arrests and inconvenience to be effective?

The country, like it has for many years, is being unduly influenced by provocateurs that thrive on anarchy and the erosion of our basic tenets. Those who want to destroy and have no constructive suggestions should not be able to sway average thoughtful Americans. Protest is fine and protected by the Constitution. But progress is based upon negotiation of compromises by opposing parties. At this point of America’s development violence and hatred should not carry the day.

Trump must perform immediately. He needs some big wins right out the box to gain the confidence of Republicans and to reduce animosity. In the long run he will receive great accolades from Americans if he can check off most of the items on his agenda.

Success for Trump is keeping these promises. His demeanor and gruff personality will not be issues if he accomplishes what he has set out to do.

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