Fat Cats And Bankers Are Lining Obama’s Pockets

It comes as no surprise that Barack Obama is having it both ways. After eight long years of accelerating his popularity by excoriating fat cats, bankers, attorneys, titans of industry and everyone else in the 1%, the ex-president is making speeches to the very same people at $400,000 a pop.

Let me begin by saying that I’m a diehard capitalist. All other things being equal the only general comment I have about this whole affair is that he’s selling himself short. He really needs a good agent. If Bill Clinton can earn $750,000-1,000,000, so can Barack, so he’s leaving a lot of money on the table.

But all other things are not equal. For one thing the liberal press is going to give him a pass because he’s liberal. The NY Times said he should be donating the proceeds from his public appearances to charity, but the editorial reprimand was a tepid slap on the risk. If a Republican president was involved in a similar situation just imagine the outrage of the Old Gray Lady.

I appreciate that Obama wants to cash in on his fame just like most presidents. But his political career was based upon class warfare, which he personally orchestrated. How can he live with the hypocrisy of his actions? The real test will be when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren leave politics. If they start making speeches to investment bankers for six figures, we’ll know that liberal, corporate hating Democrats in government are full of you know what.

It should be noted that most recent ex-presidents in fact have gone on the rubber chicken circuit. But none were so assertive about the evils of earning too much money or paying one’s fair share. I wonder if the Obamas have hired a big time tax attorney to help them shelter their newfound income. BTW they’d be idiots if they have not sought tax advice. I’m surprised that the former first family didn’t move to Florida to avoid Illinois state taxes. Dumb move, Mr. President!

President Obama was a lousy president in my opinion, and now he’s a lousy ex-president in my opinion. His embarrassing search for gold from his former enemies can be added to the disrespectful manner in which he transitioned with President Trump and the mess he created internationally. I always knew the man was not as high and mighty or as capable as he purported to be. It’s too bad that he buffaloed so many Americans in two presidential elections.

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