The Irrelevance Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has teamed up with Barack Obama in an effort to bring down the Trump administration. When will these two losers give America a chance to heal from all the damage they did during the previous eight years? All of a sudden they have grandiose plans for America domestically and abroad. Why didn’t they implement them when in office? The tenuous situations facing America are not a function of Donald Trump. They arose from the missteps, lies and non-transparency of the Obama years.

Clinton is still spinning the reasons why she lost the election and blaming everyone but herself for her embarrassing fall from power. It makes sense that the venue she chose to make her comments was Women for Women. She said the Russians plotted against her, James Comey plotted against her and sexist American male voters plotted against her. She only briefly alluded to her pitiful, inadequate and poorly managed political campaign.

Yesterday James Comey, for the umpteenth time was defending himself against attacks by Senate Democrats. Everybody knows what happened except the liberals on the Judiciary Committee. Comey was not out to destroy Clinton. He was investigating the illegal manner in which she and her staff handled secret information. After determining that Clinton was improperly using a personal server in her home, he also found that Huma Abedin and her disgraced husband, Anthony Weiner, had secret information on their personal computer. He announced that a prosecutor would not be successful in an effort to indict and convict Clinton, Abedin or Weiner. Some conservatives were outraged that Comey did not indict the group. This all happened in the final days before the election. Clinton’s actions were the reasons that her campaign was impacted, not Comey’s legitimate investigation and timing of it.

At the same Senate lynch party Comey also was grilled about the alleged ties between Trump aides and the Russians. Comey stated that the Russians tried to interfere with the 2016 election and have been doing so for years in political elections around the world. He did not indicate that Trump was involved with election manipulation although some of his aides have had relationships with Russia. Clinton has said repeatedly that Russia’s efforts to publicize WikiLeak’s information hurt her in the election. They did, and they were true disclosures for the most part. How can Clinton use this excuse for losing when the truth of the disclosures was the reason why some voters chose not to vote for her?

Her main target at her Women for Women appearance was Donald Trump. She said he is ill equipped to deal with Syria, Russia, North Korea and Iran. Clinton failed to acknowledge that the dangerous issues relating to these countries were in great part caused by Obama and Clinton. Obama failed to enforce his line in the sand with Syria for the use of chemical weapons. Putin hates Clinton for her actions as Secretary of State and certainly did not want her to win the election. North Korea made great strides in the development of nuclear weapons during the Obama/Clinton years. And Obama and Clinton were responsible for agreeing to a deal that will enable Iran to build nuclear weapons in the near future. They’re all Trump’s problem now, but Obama and Clinton are not off the hook in the minds of many Americans.

Clinton promised to be an activist moving forward as if America needs her to police the current government. She’s intent on bringing down the new president even though she has no status or platform. She only has her mouth and the sympathy of uber liberals and many women.

History will say that Clinton brought down her party singlehandedly. She was responsible for the catastrophic losses of the Democrats and the rise of Trump. She was the only credible liberal candidate in the U.S. that couldn’t beat Trump. All the criticism directed at her during the election and afterward is well deserved. She should retire gracefully and stop trying to stir the pot. Even the NY Times recognized her irrelevance by putting its article on the bottom of page A18 in the New York City edition.



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