Trump’s Growing Quagmire

Donald Trump has a full plate. Here are ten issues that are hanging over the Trump administration that will consume the president’s time.

Iran. Something significant is about to happen in Iran in the near future. The possibilities could radically change the country. Iran might experience civil unrest that ultimately topples the current regime (the New York Times addressed the growing economic problems in the country in yesterday’s paper). The Iranian government will surely violate the ill-conceived nuclear treaty it signed with the U.S. and others. This will result in more sanctions that could lead to military reprisals. Iran may increase efforts to destabilize the Middle East that will definitely put it at odds with its Sunni opponents. The U.S. will need to be diligent as Iran becomes more unsettled and bellicose.

North Korea. The Kim Jung-un regime is the greatest threat to peace since Saddam Hussein terrorized the Middle East. Unlike Saddam Kim has nuclear weapons that may be capable of reaching the continental U.S., Japan, South Korea and China.

If China does not rein in North Korea the U.S. will be at a crossroads, attack North Korea and attempt to destroy its nuclear arsenal before it can launch a nuke (a risky tactic), or call for direct negotiations with the madman who leads North Korea. Neither option is ideal.

The worst strategy would be for China and the U.S. to wait any longer. This would give North Korea the opportunity to further develop its nuclear capabilities.

Russia/Trump/2016 Elections. There has been no evidence that Trump has colluded with Russia to tilt the 2016 Election. However some Trump associates had conversations with senior Russian diplomats before the president took office. It’s unlikely that this witch-hunt will yield any more dramatic revelations other than those relating to General Flynn. However the efforts by Russia to influence elections around the world must be condemned by the global community of nations.

Nevertheless Democrats in Congress will continue to press the specter of a Putin/Trump alliance to keep the administration on edge, a deplorable and unproductive strategy given the lack of evidence in this regard.

Obamacare. The current health care system is about to implode as it faces higher costs, less insurance company participation, less choice for the insured and skyrocketing premiums. The entire Obamacare adventure squandered trillions of dollars, and yet, the nation is hell bent on providing universal coverage. Trump’s opponents have done everything possible to derail attempts to fix this ill-conceive entitlement, in spite of the obvious need to do so.

Tax reform. For years special interest groups have made it impossible to reform our tax system. Every attempt to decrease taxes and eliminate special deductions to offset lower tax receipts (thereby simplifying tax reporting) has been met with intense lobbying and zero support from Democrats. The latter would rather keep the broken, complicated and unfair system rather than assist the Trump administration in any way. It’s difficult to see how reform will gain any traction given the animosity that exists in Congress.

Infrastructure. The country’s infrastructure is in bad shape and crumbling before our eyes. It’ll cost a ton of money to fix it, but the safety of our citizens and the resulting jobs from the process would make it worthwhile to pursue. Once again Congress will find it difficult to agree on any substantive efforts in this regard.

Democratic Intransigence. Led by two lifetime political hacks (Schumer and Pelosi), Democrats are unwilling to do anything to improve our country and its economy. They are determined to obstruct any efforts to fix health care, lower taxes, build infrastructure or any other beneficial move that would improve the country. A budget is unattainable thereby jeopardizing the stability of our economy. One can only hope that Democrats, once again, shoot themselves in the foot and are decimated in the midterm Elections. This will increase the majorities the Republicans currently enjoy in the Senate and House. Maybe then Congress will be able to get something done.

Republican Intransigence. The disloyalty of Republicans is actually far worse than Democratic behavior. These are the same people who road Trump’s coattail to victory in 2016. These are the same political hacks that demanded the end of Obamacare, only to vote against Republican efforts to do exactly that. I hope these traitors find opposition in the primaries leading up to the 2018 midterm Elections.

Comey’s ouster. It’s difficult to recall an FBI head that has been as indecisive, evasive and more controversial than James Comey. He was despised by both political parties (at different times), and could very well be the reason why Hillary Clinton lost the Election (along with her incompetent political campaign).

Democrats are suggesting that Comey was fired because he was investigating Trump. If this is so the Attorney General should appoint a special counsel. Why can’t Congress conduct interviews with the FBI behind closed doors and ask the question? It would make the whole process so much easier, and believable.

Business conflicts. Trump needs to finally separate himself from his businesses and his family. We didn’t elect Ivanka or Jared. They are not qualified to make peace in the Middle East or to represent the U.S. diplomatically in any regard.

Bonus issue. I can’t resist one additional item. Trump has succeeded in offending 60% of the American population. The most important reasons for this visceral reaction by Americans are his lousy demeanor, arrogant and degrading criticisms of others and his stupid tweets. If Trump would lighten up and civilly address his opponents in news conferences rather than on line, his popularity would surge. It’s trite to say, but he needs to be more presidential.




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