Who Do You Trust More, James Comey or President Trump?

Like many Americans I’m following the latest assault on President Trump, accusations of obstruction of justice by James Comey, the disgraced and former head of the FBI.

My general feeling is that Democrats are foaming at the mouth and doing all they can to discredit our president. Criticisms and impeachment suggestions at this early stage before all the issues and facts are known and analyzed will make it more difficult for Trump to keep his promises to American voters- the true objective of radical liberals in this country.

The liberal press is having a field day with the accusations making wild and unfounded assumptions and not vetting the sources of information being leaked to them.

Let’s deal with Comey first. It’s startling to me that confidential information discussed in the Oval Office is so freely available to the press through inappropriate and possibly illegal leaks. A conversation between Trump and Comey, from Comey’s perspective is the basis for the current uproar.

Frankly it would be idiotic for Trump to recruit Comey in any effort to obstruct justice. Did Trump speak with Comey about Gen. Michael Flynn? Apparently. Did Trump express empathy for Flynn and muse that he wished the general were not in any danger of being indicted? Perhaps. Could Trump’s feelings be interpreted as an effort to coerce Comey to drop the charges? Of course, if you hate Trump and want to see him fail.

Trump is fully aware that Comey is a self-promoting egotist incapable of effectively dealing with information that has any political implications. For goodness sake, Comey singlehandedly screwed up the 2016 Election if you believe Hillary Clinton because he fumbled, bumbled and flip-flopped when he came into possession of important information.

Comey is now playing the role of whistle-blower. He wants to save the Republic from Trump. Do you think Comey might have another agenda? In all these types of cases authorities must determine whether the whistle-blower has an axe to grind with the target of their revelations. Comey has been publicly humiliated by Democrats, Republicans, the Democratic nominee for president and most recently by Donald Trump. Would it be crazy to think Comey’s perspective and interpretation of words spoken by Trump might be slightly tilted? Anyone who would stake his or her reputation on a spurned public official like Comey is not so savvy.

An important issue in this controversy is the now infamous memo written by Comey that accuses Trump of obstructing justice. Only a select few have seen the memo, including the NY Times. But no one in Congress and no one at the FBI has indicated they read the memo, so we don’t know exactly what it says or if it’s truthful.

Worse is that a simple statement by Trump indicating that Gen. Flynn is a good guy, and he (Trump) wished this whole affair would go away is hardly a basis upon which Congress should initiate impeachment proceedings.

The NY Times, in an effort to turbo charge its crusade against Trump, has even mustered a group of “scholars” to opine whether Trump has obstructed justice and should be impeached based upon things Trump might have said. Don’t you think this is all a bit premature? These judicial hacks just want to get their names in the paper. I’m not an attorney, but if I were asked to speak to this subject, I would have said that investigators need to examine the Comey memo and Comey must testify under oath.

The writing is on the wall. Trump is going to be under attack every second. He needs to parse his words carefully and find people he can trust, unlike Comey. The direct line between the Oval Office and the liberal press needs to be severed. We should allow the president to do his job with some amount of confidentiality.

In fairness Trump needs to make a lot of changes in his demeanor and attitude and recognize that every word from his mouth can set the liberal press into attack mode.



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