Special Counsel Robert Mueller Will Determine The Fate Of The Trump Administration

Yesterday afternoon Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, appointed Robert Mueller Special Counsel for the Russian investigation that has entangled our entire political system. The principle issues are whether Russia interfered with the 2016 Elections and whether the Trump administration was a co-conspirator with the Russians.

What will Mueller do in the coming months? As Special Counsel he will investigate the aforementioned allegations by Democrats and the liberal media. He has the ability to issue subpoenas to speak with anyone and access the work of ongoing FBI and congressional investigations.

Is this a good thing? The answer is one word is yes.

Washington is abuzz relating to the dismissal of James Comey by President Trump as FBI Director and allegations that Trump demanded that Comey end his investigation of General Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor. If true it could be deemed obstruction of justice and the president would likely be subjected to further legal action including impeachment.

Comey has indicated to the NY Times that he wrote a memo about his conversation with Trump relating to Flynn. No member of Congress has read this document, and it is unknown whether any of Comey’s former FBI colleagues knew about the memo or the essence of Comey conversations with Trump. Comey supposedly documented many other conversations he had with the president. No one knows the nature of these documents.

Comey and others have already testified that no evidence has been uncovered implicating the president in any nefarious activities with the Russians. Yet another investigation has been initiated, but it is more wide-ranging.

Several Trump aides, including Flynn, did speak with Russian diplomats before the election. All have indicated that nothing about the impending 2016 Election was discussed at these meetings.

Russian involvement in the U.S. Election and other elections around the globe are the most important issue on the table. The allegations about Trump however have mushroomed as Democrats are attempting to discredit Trump and delay the implementation of his agenda.

Mueller is a former head of the FBI appointed by George W. Bush and reappointed by Barack Obama. He has always been apolitical and well respected by members of both political parties.

Both houses of Congress and the FBI are already investigating the Russia/Trump affair. Mueller will likely access FBI files so his investigation will be truncated. In other words, he’s not starting from scratch. The investigation will likely stay on point and not diverge to other areas, as most previous Special Counsel investigations have. Ken Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton lasted for several years as he explored many unrelated issues. The current expectation is the timeline for Mueller will be relatively short.

The appointment of Mueller will likely take the heat off of the Trump administration during the investigation. If Trump or any of his aides acted inappropriately the administration and certain individuals will take a lot of heat, and indictments could ensue.

During Mueller’s investigation the chatter about Russia/Trump should subside because Mueller is not a grandstander like Comey and eschews communication with the press.

Politically Democrats are going to lose a potent issue with the engagement of Mueller. Currently every ultra liberal member of the caucus is calling for impeachment. Obviously they don’t understand that proof of misdoing must be discovered and substantiated before the process begins, then the House votes on impeachment and the Senate tries the case under the guidance of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The more knowledgeable Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, are saying that they want to see all the evidence before having any conversations about impeachment. In any case unless Democrats can find and encourage more leakers, the Russia/Trump affair will be sidelined until Mueller is ready to report.

Politically Republicans may find a respite. This could give the majority the opportunity to put health care, taxes, immigration and national security back in the limelight.

Mueller has a great responsibility. Our government is in political paralysis. He needs to unravel the web being spun by Trump’s opposition or unequivocally prove the president miss stepped. This process will hopefully get our government back on track one way or the other.


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