The Trump Administration In Freefall

I just returned from a trip abroad to find that not much has changed in the world of U.S. politics. Washington is still abuzz with a never ending leaks by government officials seeking to discredit the president, inane tweets by our leader, indecision relating to foreign relations and anticipation of the special counsel’s investigation of Russian influence over our election.

However certain issues are beginning to crystalize. Obamacare continues to be more of a problem as insurance premiums are increasing while coverage is deteriorating. Our lawmakers are incapable of piecing together a compromise to fix the entitlement. Repealing the law is too aggressive for many Americans, and one special interest group or more will likely block amendment of it.

Every American wants tax relief. It could be in the form of lower rates or tax credits for those that pay little or no taxes. But how will these be funded is up in the air. The obvious choices are to decrease certain tax benefits currently available to the affluent, such as mortgage interest deductions, tax deductions for charitable contributions and deductions for depreciation of equipment. These are all nonstarters because of intense lobbying.

Internationally conflict is intensifying all over the globe. The Sunni/Shiite feud is revving up with agitation by President Trump. He’s decided to side with the Sunnis against Iran, the leader of the Shiite world. The problem with this strategy is that the Saudis and other Sunni states fund terrorist groups. It’s becoming more difficult to justify the hypocrisy of our federal government as it lambastes certain countries for supporting terror while looking the other way when economic powers like Saudi Arabia and China are violating the human rights of their constituencies.

Trump is entertaining and visiting with foreign leaders regularly. But as soon as the meetings are concluded criticisms of the president abound. Great Britain, Australia and Canada (historically strong allies of the U.S.) have even denigrated our president.

Possibly one of the most dangerous situations is the discord within the White House. The president’s advisors are unable to control what their leader says. His off the cuff remarks in speeches and on Twitter are contradicted or walked back by presidential aides daily. What does the world think when our government appears so disorganized? And what are they to think when Trump’s own party doesn’t support him with any enthusiasm.

Regarding terror, it’s clear to many Americans that our immigration policies must change. No longer can we freely accept visitors, students and immigrants without doing more diligence. Europe, the most receptive place for immigrants, is becoming a shooting gallery because of previous decisions to allow easy entry.

There are no precise statistics, but it sure seems like the gunmen, bombers and reckless drivers attempting to run down innocents are usually people influenced by radical religious groups in the Middle East. How long will law enforcement continue to ignore the facts? Some ethnic groups are bound to feel persecuted if America takes action, but it’s just too bad.

The ultimate nightmare is a heartbeat away. Americans hope and pray that 9/11 will never occur again. The impetuous to stop a new attack should be stronger than ever. Our first responders should be allowed to work without idiotic encumbrances mandated by the politically correct. Americans should opt to protect their families, friends and their way of life at all costs. If someone or some group is offended, we can apologize later after the terrorists are in jail or killed.

And finally there are our leaders. Some Americans think that liberals are more concerned with destroying the president than anything else including the welfare of our nation. And it’s obvious that short-sighted Republican traitors are prepared to let Democrats have their way. Trump is in a worse predicament than Julius Caesar. His enemies and a growing number of political allies are plotting to stab him in the back (metaphorically speaking).

In times of distress Americans have always rallied and joined together to fight those that threaten us. Many Americans now believe that the insatiable drive for political influence has superseded our instincts to fight as one against oppression.


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