The Next President May Be A True Socialist

Congress has proven to America that it is dysfunctional. It’s difficult to believe that duly elected lawmakers are unable to enact new laws of any real consequence. Even more incredible is that they are not concerned about the damage being caused by obstructionism relating to the biggest issues facing the country.

Both parties are participating in the emasculation of our legislative process. Democrats are unwilling to support any Trump initiatives even if they would benefit the country. Nor have they offered new ideas to improve disastrous entitlements such as Obamacare.

Several Republican senators, after lambasting Obamacare for almost eight years, refused to pass legislation that could have “improved” our health care problems. Ironically this could have been done without one Democratic vote. Many Americans hope that every one of the Republican dissenters is challenged in their next election. They are not loyal members of the party and totally unreliable.

So what are the real motivations behind all the sanctimonious and unproductive jaw flapping taking place on Capitol Hill? Do Republicans and Democrats really despise each other so much?

The most important considerations of a politician are retaining his position and building a power base, which are on the line every time a vote is cast or speech is made. These hacks don’t really care about America despite their rhetoric to the contrary.

Things are likely going to change in Washington even if the current crop of political misfits finds some iota of nonpartisanship in the months ahead. Many in Congress will thankfully be tossed out in 2018 and 2020. More importantly is that another political outlier will likely be given a chance to govern the country, as Donald Trump was. The electorate will resist candidates from the old regimes.

This candidate will be far different than typical Washington hacks currently skulking the Capitol. I predict the next person Americans elect as president will be a socialist. It’s the only untested political perspective that country has yet to adopt. This person will be more liberal than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Obama governed as a populist and a socialist regarding many issues. But he was not really extreme even though he despised wealthy Americans. Millennials who already are the largest social group in the U.S will support more change in government.

The candidate will promise to bring down our capitalist system and install new federal government controlled entitlement programs relating to health care, education, wages and employment. To accomplish this the wealthy will be taxed heavily, and the benefits of being affluent will be stripped away. We will all be economically equal. Income inequality will no longer exist, nor will American exceptionalism.

Wake up America. The people you have sent to Washington are flunkies that are destroying our ways of life. Replace them with others that want to make America better, before it is too late.

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