Illegal Aliens Benefit At The Expense Of Average Americans

Republicans and Democrats have decidedly different perspectives on immigration. This philosophical divide is creating titanic legislative issues. In fact Democrats are regularly derailing unrelated legislation in the interests of individuals who are not citizens and entered the country illegally.

The latest brouhaha had Democrats shutting down our government for DACA. DACA immigrants are those who were brought into the US illegally as children through not fault of their own. A DACA solution will likely grant amnesty to both the children and the parents of this group.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and a vast majority of Americans recognize the humanitarian aspect of this situation. In a nutshell just about everybody is in favor of these people receiving an accelerated path to legitimacy and then citizenship.

But what kind of warped logic justifies the closing of the government as leverage to assist people who are in the country illegally? Should Democrats led by Chuck Schumer be using immigration goals as a reason to deny our soldiers their compensation? Should the entire government come to a halt for the benefit of felons?

I am for well thought out immigration reform. Yet I cannot justify any inconvenience foisted on Americans as part of the process. This is the most misunderstood and warped aspect of Democratic priorities. Why would Congress do anything that hurts Americans for another group of people who illegally entered our country?

These are the same individuals who are draining state and local governments of resources because they are using, free of charge, our health and educational services. In fact a case could be made that money, billions of it being spent each year on 10 million illegals in the country, is being diverted away from needy Americans in urban areas.

The incompetence and shortsightedness of previous administrations should not be justified by humanitarian fervor. Ten million aliens have invaded our country and there is no practical solution to this menacing situation except citizenship under certain circumstances. These conditions should at least include no criminality, speaking English, having jobs and paying taxes. Why should illegals gain citizenship without earning it?

Practical and humanitarian considerations make it impossible to round up illegal aliens and ship them back to their countries of origin. I agree this is a reality, but I don’t believe that the group should have any advantages or lower standards of acceptable conduct than average Americans.

The 800-pound gorilla in the room is the impact of amnesty and granting citizenship to 10 million people. In certain places these people, when they vote, could change the political landscape. It’s logical that illegals, as new American citizens, will vote liberal, and Democratic leaders know it. I don’t believe liberal motives are 100% altruistic in this regard.

From an electoral perspective in 2018 and 2020, Democrats are going to pay a price. On both coasts the sentiment is favorable towards assisting illegals, but not so in the heartland of the country. Closing down the government for felons will not sit well with Middle America.

Also, at some point, state and local governments will feel greater financial pressure as illegals procreate at a faster rate than average Americans.

One final word. People from other countries do not have a divine right to become Americans. It is a great privilege that has been exploited by millions of people abetted by our lawmakers. We are on the verge of institutionalizing the illegal immigration phenomenon. The least we should do is to stop any new illegals from making the problem worse.


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