Who Is Responsible For Our Dysfunctional Government?

The US Government has been in a state of paralysis since the election of Donald Trump. The venom that exists between the two major political parties has hampered the effective operation of the country to such an extent that national security, infrastructure, economic stability and global reputation are in jeopardy.

Both parties share the blame for the current state of affairs. Liberals are so incensed by the election of and subsequent actions by Trump that they are hurting the future viability of their own party.

All efforts by Democrats are directed at stymying Trumps initiatives, not acting responsibly as the opposition party. Voters are taking note that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are dinosaurs and cannot provide the leadership that is so important to the group not in power.

If I were a Democrat I would be demanding that my party offer real alternatives to Republican rule. Unfortunately liberals in Congress are becoming too radical and obstructionist for no greater end.

The actions of Democrats are not those that one would expect of a national political party vying to win the hearts of Americans. For one thing the over sensitivity towards illegal immigration should not be the party’s principal issue. In effect Democrats are siding up to 10 million people in the US who have improperly entered our country, negatively impacted the financial stability of the nation and cannot vote.

American citizens should be scratching their heads by this time asking why every Democratic action is somehow related to illegals, Dreamers, the wall, migration and the lottery, and not poverty, national defense, health care, education, terrorism, etc. Democrats are not going to win elections based upon amnesty for the aforementioned group.

Making matters worse, Democrats are taking hostages along the way that includes any forward thinking initiatives proposed by Republicans. In fact they have and will likely, once again, shut down our government because of minor disagreements about Dreamers. How can 800 thousand people be the primary focus of a political party that is supposed to be concerned about 320 citizens?

In the meantime Republicans, inspired by the hated Donald Trump are at least trying to implement initiatives to bolster the economy, increase US competitiveness overseas, rebuild our decimated military, eliminate harsh regulations and so much more. You may hate the guy that’s orchestrating all this, but at least he’s attempting to make America better.

I keep hearing about Democrats cleaning up in the mid-term election. Why would anyone vote Democratic? What has the party done to win you over? The only group they are concerned with seems to be illegals. Meanwhile problems fester in the country,

Not having a responsible and active opposition party is bad for America. It is resulting in unnecessary and unproductive government paralysis. Problems are not getting fixed because Democrats are too busy telling us that Trump’s not a nice guy.

I want to make two things clear. One is that I want a resolution of the immigration crisis in the country. It’s important for many reasons. A path to citizenship for Dreamers and the other 9 million illegals is moral, humane and in the best interests of the country. I just don’t believe it should be the only issue being debated in Congress.

The second is the president. If he were a more likeable person he would be more productive as our leader. He doesn’t get it. I totally understand how his narcissistic and immature demeanor can drive Americans, and many others around the world, mad. I don’t care if his State of the Union address had more viewers than Obama, and it didn’t. Nor do I care if the tax deal was the largest in history, which it wasn’t.

I would be astonished if Republicans even consider Trump for a second term. Therefore I predict he will not even win the Republican primary. It the party loses its collective mind, and he is nominated, he’s going to lose big time in the election. This assumes a suitable candidate for the Democrats. Hopefully this person is interested in more than just immigration.

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