Will Jared Kushner Embarrass Trump?

Every day the press surfaces more annoying issues about the Trump administration that divert attention from more important considerations, such as gun control and immigration. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, has become a huge albatross around the president’s neck. This blog post will document some of the most serious speculations regarding Kushner.

Kushner has been in the news repeatedly since the elections over a year ago. This week he was denied a top-secret clearance that that was requested shortly after Trump entered the White House. In the meantime Kushner was dependent upon a temporary clearance as he advised the president and globetrotted around the world visiting with world leaders, regarding sensitive issues. The decision not to give him the highest clearance has not been explained. But there is plenty of speculation by the press.

Since the outset of the administration many Americans have become increasingly uncomfortable with Kushner’s role in the White House and in foreign affairs. The question that keeps arising is why does Trump feels Kushner is even remotely qualified to take on gargantuan issues representing the US.

It may be because Kushner is a real estate guy like his father-in-law. Could this be a reason why Trump has given Kushner so much responsibility? Also, being married to his daughter must give Trump comfort that Kusher will be loyal to him. To make matters more interesting Kushner’s father has a spotty background. In 2005, Charles Kushner was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering and served time in federal prison. It just so happens that Trump has some background issues as well relating to women, casinos, Trump University, Miss Universe, etc.

Kushner is 37 years old and has had absolutely zero experience as a government official. In fact he is not really a self-made tycoon. He inherited his business from his father. Kushner has had little previous involvement with heads of state, with Congress or managing a bureaucracy.

Let’s give Kushner the benefit of the doubt and stipulate that he’s a very bright young man. Does anyone (including Trump) believe that he has the knowledge, stature, gravitas or achievements to lead peace negotiations in the Middle East? These frustrating talks have spanned over nearly 70 years. Remember Henry Kissinger, one of the most distinguished diplomats to ever represent the US, could not make real progress between Israel and Palestine. How could Trump expect Kushner to be successful?

And what about Kushner’s dealings with Russians? They have been clouded in mystery and intrigue. What exactly was (and is) he negotiating with Russians? It appears that Robert Mueller is about to tell us. Was Kushner colluding on the election, making real estate deals, seeking financing for his business or a combination of all these things? The liberal press would have you believe that Russian spies and crooked business people are duping Kushner.

Trump decided to rely upon his family from the early days of his campaign. Unlike other presidents, he has given close relatives important roles and relied on their counsel. In the case of Trump his daughter and her husband are extraordinarily powerful people in the administration. Their presence has been reported to be disruptive as the couple overrules more experienced political operatives. The tremendous turnover of personnel can be traced to Jared and Ivanka.

The dependence upon inexperienced family members is a very dangerous strategy. And, it appears that Kushner will soon embarrass his father-in-law.



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