“Sexualization, Racialization, Polarization and Politization”

Groups that are representing special interests are tearing our society apart. The genres of this “-ization” craze include “sexual-ization,” “racial-ization,” “polar-ization” and “polit-ization” of the issues that face our country.

By far the most wide spread “-ization” is sexual-ization that is greatly attributable to the exploits of Harvey Weinstein. The sexual-ization of the behavior of men over the centuries has come to the forefront. Weinstein’s extensive sexual resume was the last straw for women across America. He is the personification of the legions of men that have abused women, past and present. The public excoriation of Weinstein is well deserved and occurred after several brave women went public about their relationship with the film maker. And now the fate of his work, along with great accomplishments of other men who have battered, abused and raped women over the years, is being debated.

Even great painters like Picasso and Caravaggio, widely recognized abusers, are being blackballed by the most radical elements of the sexual-ization corp. The questions are: should great works be diminished if womanizers created them, and should they literally be taken down from the walls of museums around the world?

This hunt for sexual abusers is widening and now prevalent in almost every aspect of America. It started in Hollywood and has spread to corporations, organized religions, sports, government and academia. Americans should be prepared to ostracize many more men for transgressions that occurred last week and decades earlier. Dead abusers will not escape the wrath of sexual-ization detectives.

Racial-ization has become more rampant. Ironically this has occurred despite significant gains by people of color during the past 50 years. [Note: much more needs to be done to finally wipe out overt racism and covert bigotry.]

Gains in civil rights courts have not materially changed the economic hardship of people of color. Many are still on welfare and millions are unemployed or underemployed. Aid for these Americans is now being reevaluated as the nation experiences greater deficits. Many think it’s time that the emphasis of this group should be recalibrated by encouraging every able-bodied individual to work.

The frustration of these groups of downtrodden people has reached a heightened state and their leaders are encouraging racial-ization of more and more issues. Every act by authorities that even approaches legal limits is being showcased as a form of racial discrimination and subjected to protest.

Polar-ization regarding controversial parts of our lives has rarely been greater. Conservatives and liberals do battle every day in Congress and in the media. Sides have been taken as Republicans seek economic fairness while Democrats simultaneously rail about economic inequality.

Every contentious event and important issue is being subject to polit-ization. Gun control has pitted the survivors of mass murderers against the N.R.A. Members of Congress are speaking out about aggressively about their perspectives on gun ownership in the country. The controversy is going to become much more pervasive as opposing sides debate what our forefathers were trying to accomplish with the Second Amendment.

Every proposal by the current administration is politicized. The schism between the two political parties is great and rivals the Civil War era. It’s so unproductive that compromise and effective government are elusive. Democrats openly despise the president, and he hates everyone that dares to defy his rule.

So how can we rectify this current state of affairs?

As far as the sexual revolution is concerned, progress will be defined by the outing of all predators of yesteryear, and the prevention of sexual abuse moving forward. Progress will be achieved only when women obtain equal opportunity and pay and safe working conditions.

Racial equality has been a work-in-progress since the mid 1800s. Unfortunately the progress in this area has been slow. Some feel the leaders of the civil rights effort have been off track in recent years. As mentioned earlier it is becoming more difficult to fund the needs of all Americans as more and more do not work, pay taxes and fend for themselves. Work for aid and pay will redeem those that have suffered for so long.

Polar-ization is the unhealthy and unproductive tactic of anarchists, racists and bad politicians. We are all on the same team. Solving problems through compromise is the best path for America.

And finally polit-ization. The current generation of leaders and lawmakers has failed America. They personify everything that is wrong with this country. Both political parties are flawed by egotistical, sanctimonious, pseudo-intellectuals who are concerned about nothing but retaining their positions of power. Elections have never been more important as they are the path to rid the country of people undeserving of our respect and support.

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  1. As for politization, I wish we could have a legitimate 3rd party. Eliminating the realisitic possibility of control of Congress would force legislative compromise to come back from extinction.

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