Hail Mary Passes Won’t Help Democrats

A Hail Mary pass “is a very long forward pass in American football, made in desperation, with only a small chance of success . . .”

Democrats are desperate for a seminal moment that will destroy the Trump administration. For too long liberals have been hanging their hats on Hail Mary passes to reassert themselves with voters at Trump’s expense. It’s a losing strategy.

The greatest disappointment to Democrats is going to be the outcome of the Special Counsel investigation. It’s not exactly clear what Robert Mueller is doing at the moment or what direction he’s going. His initial mission was to determine whether Trump and his political hacks colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 elections.

Proof of collusion on the part of Trump would be a grand slam homerun for Democrats who despise the president more every day. However, when you consider the absolute nonexistence of political IQ in the White House and the chaos that emanates from it, you can rest assured that Trump and his minions were incapable of orchestrating a grand conspiracy of any kind, much less one that influences a nationwide election in the US.

Probably, Mueller will indict a few more irrelevant Trump groupies that no one has ever heard of, and he will criticize the president for not keeping his neophytes on a short leash. But, there’s nothing here.

This is not to say that Russia didn’t try to influence American voters via social media. By the way, the US frequently expresses it preferences and observations about elections taking place in other countries.

Mueller purportedly is also investigating whether Trump obstructed justice. Did he fire Comey, the pathetic FBI Director and Chief Leaker, because the Bureau was investigating administration personnel? It’s going to be impossible to prove obstruction or any other offense that would lead to an impeachment.

The bottom line is that Mueller’s investigations will result in one great big yawn when it wraps up with no grounds to incriminate Trump. In the meantime the investigation has created such discord and in effect paralyzed the federal government.

Trump would be wise to tell Mueller that his funding will be cut in, say, three months, so he should just tell Americans what he knows now. This would be in lieu of what should take place- the firing of Mueller.

Democrats plan to use the DACCA imbroglio, the wall, immigration and sanctuary states and cities to defame the president going into the midterm elections. They are all losing propositions.

Trump proposed a DACCA solution and Democrats turned him down because they believe the issue has political traction. Trump indicated that he would offer protection to 1.8 million, or so, young people, in exchange for $25 billion to build the wall and the elimination of two types of immigration techniques that are a threat to US security. This number of DACCA young people is substantially higher than the original proposal. Democrats should jump all over the deal.

Regarding the wall and immigration in general, many Americas are becoming more frustrated every day with the concern liberals have for a group of people who entered the country illegally and are draining our resources. Americans want Congress to refocus on the problems of citizens, not illegals.

And finally, sanctuary states and cities are abominations perpetrated by rogue governors and mayors. They protect illegal aliens and make it difficult for immigration officials to root out and expel felons. It’s an outrageous and illegal activity being orchestrated by incompetents in several urban centers. These people should be arrested for obstructing justice.

The FBI investigation by Mueller continues with no end in sight. Much to his dismay Mueller is likely to find that FBI senior personnel were conducting activities that were biased against the president of the United States. And the group was illegally leaking confidential information. The Bureau is supposed to be apolitical. It has not been in recent years. This situation will not strengthen the Democratic position in the coming elections.

But the greatest Democrat Hail Mary is the possibility that either Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton may win the Democratic nomination. In this blog I indicated that Trump couldn’t win another election. I was mistaken. If either of these two has-beens are nominated, Trump will be around for another four years. Please Democrats, dig up some better candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

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