2020 Presidential Choices

Americans are going to have three presidential options in 2020. They are: Donald Trump, another Republican if Trump resigns or a Democrat.

The Trump option is becoming more remote with each passing day for two reasons. One, the Donald could resign because he’s unable to deliver on one or more of his most significant campaign promises. Two, Robert Mueller, the special counsel may be gearing up to deliver a knockout punch to the president relating to interference in the 2016 election and/or obstruction of justice.

The construction of a wall to keep illegal aliens from entering the US may be a bigger political issue than anyone thinks, as Trump has gone all-in, by closing down parts of the government until Congress agrees to fund the wall’s construction costs. If the president backs down he will lose all credibility with his base.

Interestingly the wall is not really so important issue from a financial perspective. We’re only talking about a relatively small installment of $5 billion in a multi-trillion dollar budget. Why all the “strum und drang?” It’s not so long ago that the Obama administration wasted $2 trillion on a pathetic, expensive and ill-conceived health care initiative.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their minions needed an issue on which they could hang their hats. They picked the wall and characterized it negatively by saying it’s racist, xenophobic, too expensive (keep in mind the US spends over $100 billion each year for services benefitting illegals) and not an effective way to stem illegal immigration. The total cost of the wall of about $50 billion won’t break the bank, and it just might prevent thousands of more illegals from coming into our country. Every new offender costs taxpayers more money for medical, educational and security services.

Nevertheless Democrats are standing tall against the $5 billion ask, even while certain employees of our government are not being paid.

If Trump is unable to get Democrats to relent, his political base may crumble. This would be great impetus for Trump to give up and retreat to his Tower in NYC.

The second presidential possibility is a run by Nikki Haley or Mitt Romney. Both have said they would not consider moving ahead if Trump decides to run for reelection. This is not the first time that Softball Politics has brought up the candidacies of these two outstanding politicians.

Republican-leaning woman who are disillusioned by Trump would jump on the Haley bandwagon, a former governor and legislator in South Carolina and Ambassador to the United Nations. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Haley were to become the first woman elected president of our country? She is eminently qualified and has political perspectives that a wide range of voters would respond to.

Romney is more of a wild card. He made plenty of errors in his previous bid for the presidency, but surely learned a lot that would serve him well in another campaign. Romney is well qualified as a super star businessperson and a governor of Massachusetts, a liberal stronghold. Recently he won election to become the junior senator from Utah. His integrity is second to none, a rare quality in current political circles.

The final option is the most disturbing. Democrats, many of them, are flocking to join the race for the presidency. Unfortunately it’s a contest in which each political hopeful in the group is trying to lean further left than the other.

Joe Biden is the only legitimate player. At least he has the experience to lead the country. Although he comes across a buffoon too often, is ancient (age wise) and is a relic of the failed Obama administration.

All the other contestants are lefties who want to raise taxes, allow more illegals to enter the country, provide extremely expensive universal health care, offer costly free college tuition and so much more. The country cannot afford to elect free spending socialists. It’s time for carefully thought out proposals that will not deter economic growth.

Yet, if Trump runs again, the possibility of a radical left wing socialist in the White House increases exponentially. Republicans’ only chance of regaining total control of the federal government is for Trump to resign and make way for one of two really attractive conservative candidates.

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  1. Well done! I enjoy reading your articles and agree if President Trump were not to run, N . Haley would be my candidate. The sun has set on the likes of Romney and Biden…….. we need new candidates that can work both sides of the aisle! The country comes first and then the party!!!!

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