2020 Election: Capitalism vs. Socialism

What are the choices for voters in 2020? One option is another four years of Donald Trump, unless he resigns, chooses not to run or is impeached. Another choice is one of 25 or so progressive Democrats that are espousing a socialistic direction for the country.

The only two choices that are not distasteful to the writer are the resignation of the president or a decision not to run. These would open the door for at least two excellent Republican candidates, Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney. Both have the experience, temperament and persona to run, win and be president. Yet neither of these individuals seems poised to challenge Trump in the primary.

Back to reality. Trump is more likely to run than not. His ego and warped self-adulation affords this possibility the highest odds. In the meantime the country will be stagnant as the “do-nothing but dump Trump” Democrats investigate and obstruct. They control the House with a plethora of committees and sub-committees that are dying to dredge up dirt on Trump.

Frankly, if anyone dared to vet Trump in 2016 they would have known that he is ethically (at the least) unqualified to be the most powerful person in the world, and an easy target of his opposition. His business dealings throughout his life have been anything but sterling. It’s very likely that investigation of his personal finances and business activities will result in a cornucopia of fodder for liberals in Congress.

Michael Cohen, the sycophant turned tattletale, has given the Democrats a head start on their mission to destroy Trump. But they have failed to recognize or accept that Trump’s base is oblivious to his ethics, misogyny, racism and lousy disposition.

Trump’s base is somewhere around 40-45% of voters that continue to support their guy through thick and thin. More and more of them, however, are admitting that they really dislike the man but approve of his polities.

What does that mean for Democrats? Well, they must convince more than 50% of voters to cast their ballot for an ultra-liberal. It appears that independents, once again, will likely decide the election. What liberals need to concern themselves with is whether independents will vote for a radical progressive, left wing socialist. What’s worse Trump or socialism?

If Trump can convince 10+% of the voters who are not already part of his base to vote for him, he wins assuming there is not another Electoral College blip. Keep in mind Republicans have 1½ years to attack the gaggle of socialists running for president, while they throw mud at each other and claim they are the most progressive.

Trump is already in attack mode. He says that every Democratic candidate is walking, talking and acting like a socialist. The question is whether the country is ready to abandon capitalism for limited fiscal responsibility associated with out of control spending on current and prospective entitlements. The Democrats are on shaky ground.

In order for Democrats to attract a majority of the electorate certain groups must come out and vote in large numbers. A low turnout will be disastrous for Democrats.

Socialism is not going to sit well with older Americans, who understand the pitfalls of this ideology. Most white Americans from the heartland of the country similarly are not going to be sympathetic towards socialists.

Democrats will need people of color, millenials and women to attack the voting booths. The most important issue is whether the first two groups will show up on Election Day.

Women could be the wild card. Most find Trump despicable and yet some will still vote for him. In the heartland the sympathies of women can be diverse. Some might say, “I can’t stand the man, but I don’t want a socialist in the White House.”

The 2020 election is not going to be as dependent on the economy unless it tanks before voting day. Rather the clash between capitalists and socialists is going to decide who wins. Will voters accept liberal calls for higher taxes, the dissolution of private health care plans, free college tuition, a ridiculous green plan that will cost trillions, a weaker military and a passive resolve in dealing with terrorism and domestic security?

In the end will enough voters hold their noses and vote for Trump in an effort to evade socialism?

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