Democrats Are Blinded By Their Hatred Of Trump

It’s no wonder Democrats want to oust Donald Trump. He’s a racist, misogynist, sexist, narcissist and a terrible role model (sorry if I left any other pertinent characterizations). But, are Democrats cutting off their noses to spite their faces?

Are voters going to be excited and encouraged to vote by never ending attempts to prove Trump committed impeachable offenses? Will they get amped up about supposed links between Russia and the president? No, they won’t, except maybe the most radical elements of the group.

Democrats are playing right into Trump’s hands. He continues to outrage opponents with silly nicknames, accusations of socialism and proclaiming they do not love America. In the meantime, substantive issues are not being discussed. It’s incredible that so little time is being dedicated to the economy, terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

Worse yet, Democrat candidates are competing for the “most liberal politician” award. Just about everybody is now a self-proclaimed socialist. Keep in mind that being the most liberal means you must promise to give America more entitlements even if they would eventually bankrupt America. Liberals believe that saying everything will be “free” is the key to winning the hearts of voters in 2020. It makes no difference that the promises will never be kept and/or they are not financeable.

At every turn Trump beats his opponents to the punch. You just cannot underestimate the power of the bully pulpit. Radicals and first term liberal lawmakers are setting the agenda for the Democratic caucus. Ocasio-Cortez, a six-month representative and former bartender, along with her squad, want a socialistic revolution, as do Sanders, Warren and Harris, the strongest candidates aside from Biden.

Yet Americans want peace (with other countries and between political parties), security, affordable health care, the end of terrorism, more jobs and better education for young ones.

Nancy Pelosi and the wisest members of the Democratic Party keep telling colleagues that they are going to give the election to Trump on a silver platter if they continue down the current road. The president, love him or hate him, relates to Americans. Nadler, Schiff and all the other impeachment zealots are not gaining any traction outside of Capitol Hill.

To make matters worse, if the House votes to impeach (which is highly unlikely), the Senate is going to acquit the president, and he will become a martyr of sorts (just like Bill Clinton). The impeachment effort is going to fall flat on its face just like the Mueller investigation.

In the meantime Trump is making speeches and leading rallies in key cities, talking about all the “great” things his administration is accomplishing.

More moderate candidates, during the debates, said radical Democratic ideology is going to be responsible for a Trump victory. No one is listening. Impeachment is dead on arrival and liberals keep pushing for more investigation.

The country needs new leadership in the White House and in Congress. Our elected officials have failed us and should be replaced. The problem is that Democrats are so blinded by their desire to get rid of Trump, they are foregoing the easiest way to do it- beat him in the voting booth.

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