Bad Presidential Choices

During the next 13 months, voters must decide who they trust to govern the US. The choices are Donald Trump, with all his shortcomings, or one of group of radical progressive politicians.

It’s not going to be an easy decision unless you despise President Trump and don’t believe he is qualified to hold his office any longer. On the other hand, there are about ten very liberal Democratic candidates that are anxious to redistribute personal wealth, over tax the most successful among us and bestow any number of very expensive entitlements on certain Americans and illegal aliens.

A quick response is that we’d all be better off with Trump because we know what he wants to do. You may abhor the man, but if ending illegal and unbridled immigration, preventing Iran and North Korea from developing a deployable nuclear weapon, protecting Israel, fighting terrorism, controlling China and Russia and renegotiating fair trade agreements are important to you, Trump is your best bet.

Frankly the crazy progressives have no idea how they would pay for the outrageous things they are promising their incredibly naïve and gullible followers. The proposals include: one payer universal health care, free college tuition, forgiveness of student debt, open borders, elimination of immigration officials, free pre-kindergarten, restitution for unfair actions against social groups and so much more.

There is great downside affiliated to reelecting Trump. One of the most unappealing things includes the continuation of investigations of every conceivable action by the administration. If Trump is elected without regaining the House of Representatives, our government will be in suspended animation for four years. Correspondingly, if Democrats win the White House and do not gain control of the Senate, government stagnation will similarly occur.

Some really horrendous issues to consider if Democrats win in 2020 aside from an expected gigantic tax increase for both middle and upper class Americans are as follows:

  • The reinstatement of the Iran nuclear treaty that would jeopardize Israel, Saudi Arabia and all of the Middle East. Additionally it would assure that Iran would have a nuclear weapon in less than decade.
  • A stock market crash reflecting over spending by the federal government and higher taxes to pay for new entitlements.
  • Greater problems with North Korea, Russia and China resulting from harsh legislation that would emanate from an ultra liberal Congress.
  • A poor economic environment as the current bull market ends in response to decreasing business activity and lower consumer confidence. The point is that Trump’s policies foster high employment, lower taxes and more spending by consumers.

The thought of a constant barrage of inane tweets by Trump along with self-aggrandizing blather and exaggeration is depressing. But putting up with the president’s bad hair, bad attitude, bad relations with his opponents and bad character may not be such a great price to pay considering what Democrats will do to our country, our security and our financial stability.



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