Republicans Should Impeach Trump And Nominate Romney

Voters in the United States are going to face an impossible decision in 2020. Who should they support, a brash and very unlikeable incumbent or a left wing, radical populist?

Many Americans, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, have absolutely no confidence in the slate of candidates vying to become the next commander-in-chief. They are screaming for a statesman (woman), a conciliator, a person who represents all of America.

Donald Trump has become a caricature of himself. He actually believes he’s a great leader, a master negotiator and savior of the country. Unfortunately he has proven, almost daily, that individuals like him with bad character, no government experience or appreciation of the way politics are done in this country turn out to be horrible presidents. His arrogance and complete disregard of decorum and compromise have severely impacted the reputation of the US globally.

Notwithstanding his desire to make America great, Trump’s personality, self-aggrandizement and reckless style have offended every conceivable group. Trump’s administration is out of synch and dangerously disorganized. Most Americans despise him for creating such chaos in the nation’s capital, even if they may be forced to vote for him.

Ironically with such a vulnerable opponent to contend with, Democrats have served us a radical group of socialists. These candidates are so far to the left that they have no chance to defeat a disastrous incumbent. Instructed on the finer points of socialism by the likes of Bernie Sanders, the candidates are prepared to buy the presidency with promises that would bankrupt the country and ruin our financial system. Everything will be free if you earn less than $200,000 annually.

But, capitalism and exceptionalism are still alive and kicking in the US. The middle class is not willing to give up the opportunity to grab the brass ring.

Nevertheless, salvation could be close at hand. Given that Republicans have finally showed some backbone by defying the president, perhaps the floodgates may open further. It may be possible to look beyond Trump and the socialists to a centrist ready to assume the most powerful position in the world.

Until recently Republicans seemed dead set against impeachment. But the worm turned when Trump walked away from Syrian Kurds, the US’s ally in the fight against ISIS and Bashar al-Assad. Many conservatives in the House voted to censure the president for his decision to walk away from problems in Syria.

Is it feasible that disgruntled Republican senators would collaborate with Democratic colleagues to oust Trump from office after receiving articles of impeachment from the House? Unequivocally yes. Even McConnell has about had it with Trumpian antics and bad behavior. Such an action would put Mike Pence in the White House.

But most importantly Mitt Romney could step in and save the country and his party. He would be a great contender for the presidency on the heels of his Senate victory, and what he learned a few years ago against Obama.

Technicalities aside, why wouldn’t this turn of events make sense? The country needs a squeaky clean statesman. It needs someone who is truthful and strong. Romney is experienced as a former governor of Massachusetts and now as a senator. He’s the right person for the job.

And one other thing. Nikki Haley is waiting in the wings. If the Senate votes Trump out, she could also fill the position with great expertise and experience if Romney is not interested.

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