Society Versus Mother Nature

What is the status of our world, and the threat imposed by the pandemic virus?

The first observation relates to how our leaders have asked us to respond to the Coronavirus. They want everyone to self-isolate and avoid congregating for any reason. Staying at home and allowing the pandemic to pass over our homes is what has been recommended for all. The biblical reference to the forthcoming Passover holiday is ironic.

Have you really thought about how epic the lock down is to mankind? For all intents and purposes, six billion people are supposed to quarantine themselves for two to four weeks. The world is no longer social. No one has committed a crime, yet our leaders have taken our freedom. Of course, it is for the common good.

And yet, there are some who are resisting authoritative demands to keep their distance from others. Experts say this technique will facilitate the end of the pandemic, probably. So many having their freedom taken away is a really serious moment for our world population.

No crimes have been committed, so some civil libertarians are objecting to unwarranted loss of freedom. Why is it so difficult to gain the cooperation of the masses for the benefit of all society? Why is short-term inconvenience so hard to swallow even when the health of mankind lies in the balance?

In America, freedom is the most important right we have. It’s why we fought wars and faced down tyranny. Over the years, blood has been shed and heroes received medals for protecting our civil liberties.

Are we now at the point when the health of society outweighs the rights of each individual? Are some people so self-important about their freedom that they set aside the well-being of our species? Purposefully ignoring edicts not to congregate and to keep one’s distance should be a crime against humanity. It’s attempted murder when an American endangers others by challenging the law.

A small mistake can theoretically imperil the human race. If you think about it, this pandemic can have a much greater impact on mankind than nuclear weapons. And yet, less credence is given to the risks of pandemic. It’s not man versus man on a battlefield where collateral damage, to save our freedom, is at stake. It’s Mother Nature creating a conundrum. Her methods can be significantly more dangerous and threatening than a nuclear encounter.

What needs to change after the pandemic is over? For one thing, the United Nations needs to split into two equally important organizations, one that protects the world from man versus men annihilation, and one that protects mankind from Mother Nature. Both have the potential to turn Earth into a dead planet. Just like we prepare for conventional and nuclear holocaust, the world needs to study and anticipate the evolution of disease that guns and bombs are not effective against.

The actions by China to save face were despicable. Every country in the world should be prepared to work with its neighbors to protect mankind. There is no amount of political, social or religious influence that can offset a threat to mankind by a bug, a virus or a germ.

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