The Dangers Of A Democratic Landslide

Many political prognosticators are predicting a landslide victory for Joe Biden on Election Day. And the same people are saying that the Senate will also go to Democrats.

This turn of events will put our country in great political danger. It’s not because liberals will control the Executive and Legislative branches. It’s what Congress, endorsed by Biden, might do to change the age-old checks and balances in government.

Historically, the Senate filibuster was the failsafe procedure to prevent harmful bills from becoming laws. It has been the only way for the opposition to protect the country from an overzealous majority party.

The vitriol in Congress has never been worse in our history. The combination of Justice Amy Barrett’s confirmation and the Trump reign of terror are just two of the phenomena that have incited liberal congressional leaders to seek revenge.

So, what might Congress attempt to do if Democrats run the table? Since it is highly unlikely that the Senate Democrats will gain a filibuster proof majority (60 seats), it is conceivable that Sen. Schumer (the probable Senate Leader) will attempt to do away with the filibuster all together by changing the rules of the Senate.

In this case, all laws would need only a simple majority to be enacted. There will be no checks or balances to prevent unwise legislation, by requiring a supermajority for passage.

Note: The filibuster for confirmation of judges below the Supreme Court level was eliminated by Democrats several years ago 2013. The Republicans did the same for SCOTUS justices subsequently in 2017. Filibusters for laws are still available to the opposition party.

What will liberals do with this newfound power? One thing is they may abrogate the filibuster for all new laws. This would enable them to enact laws that will significantly affect every aspect of our lives without any possible enforceable objection from the minority. All tax laws, health care laws, immigration laws, voting laws, gun control laws, abortion laws would be modified so they would accommodate liberal ideological dogma.

But you might say, couldn’t the Supreme Court rein in the Legislative Branch? Currently, it could, especially with the confirmation of Justice Barrett. If Congress enacted a law that changed the number of justices on the Supreme Court, it could rebalance the court liberally. There has been much conversation about this unorthodox approach which is called court packing.

Since 1869, there have been nine seats on the Court. The Constitution gives Congress the power to change the number of seats. There have been between 5-10 justices on the Court in the 231 years of its existence.

Democrats want to draw blood from their Republican opponents. Moreover, the socialistic arm of Congress will be able to exert more power, so we should expect inane government spending along with outrageous tax increases for most socioeconomic levels.

The impending election has become the most important political moment in years. The ongoing backlash against Trump could have a marked change in our government for the foreseeable future.   

3 thoughts on “The Dangers Of A Democratic Landslide

  1. Sal you make some good points but really could Democrats do anything more to destroy our Democracy than Trump and his administration have already done? I see Democrats restoring sanity, rule of law and morality back to our government. Trump has been packing the courts the past 4 years!! Let’s hope our country isn’t run by idiots, bigots and toadies for the next 4 years. First thing Democrats will do is Propoee a National Plan to attack the pandemic and recognize its existence. Science and Facts will once again be credible.

  2. Certainly, with Schumer and Pelosi at the helm there’s a real danger. However, I think that Biden at the top and him knowing is only got one term in him, he’ll keep them in check. He has all but said packing the court is a nonstarter. I for one am counting on him to get steady the ship and get us back on course – slow & steady

  3. Sal – important information, thank you.
    Exactly why after the first debate we donated to key Senate races – In hopes to keep our critical system of checks and balance is place. Can only hope that Never Trumpers vote to keep a balance in the senate and don’t jump on the tsunami of current popular sentiment toward leftist priorities.
    We need a chance to bring back common sense moderation and, hopefully, reconciliation.

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