Two Lousy Candidates, Pick One

Thank heavens the election is finally here. Like many Americans, I’m not sure I can stand to hear another speech by either of the candidates. And the TV ads are trash, chock full of distortions and outright lies. Nevertheless, I must admit that Trump’s rallies are very entertaining of late, not that making speeches is any indication of a person’s ability to be president of the greatest country in the world.

The sad part about the election is that it really is not a contest between two outstanding candidates. Gone are the days that at least one candidate is worthy of being on the ballot. In 2020, both aspirants are subpar to say the least.

If Biden wins, it will be because Trump is a despicable character that turns many off with his abrasive personality and narcissism. If Trump wins, it will be a minor miracle. Hopefully it will not lead to rioting and looting by radical groups.

Frankly, Trump’s accomplishments during the past four years, as compared to Biden’s non-performance for nearly half a century, entitles him to another term. If Trump were a nice guy, or less of a jerk, he would easily defeat Joe. Why is America picking its leaders based upon personality, as opposed to their qualifications and accomplishments?

It doesn’t matter if Biden has been an empty suit for decades or that he supported a number of laws unpopular to his own base. It doesn’t matter that he clearly will be unable to deal with the rigors of being president. It doesn’t matter that he can’t put two sentences together without saying something dumb. It doesn’t matter that he is clearly wrapped up in an epic scandal with his son.

The only thing that motivates liberal voters is the demise of Trump. A booming economy, better conditions for people of color, a more stable foreign relations agenda, beneficial trade deals, a new and terrific Supreme Court Justice, a more sensible immigration policy, etc. don’t count for anything. The Donald is not someone you would want to have a beer with so why the hell would anyone vote for him.

Joe Biden is a socialist in wolf’s clothing. He promised to do all the things his socialist colleagues want him to do. He swore to his base he would re-regulate the country, rid the country of its dependence on fossil fuel, put into motion a crazy green plan, mercilessly tax the most successful people and businesses in the country, endorse violent protest (no matter what he says to the contrary) and so much more.

All the liberal naysayers are going to get what they deserve if Biden wins, a government run by a left-wing ideologist that is tolerant of violent behavior and not representative all Americans. We will be on the road to becoming zombies that blindly do what our government says we should do. Good luck with that.

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