The New Liberal America

The new ultra-liberal and politically correct America is upon us with a vengeance.

We are under the complete control of Democrat Senate and House members, who are preparing to run the table by “packing” the Supreme Court with four new liberal judges; first they must change the laws that apply to SCOTUS. When this occurs, if it does, Democrats will have an unprecedented grasp over every aspect of government, justice, society and finance.

Other events, some not popular with large swaths of Americans, are about to take place as well. The most liberal congresspeople want to de-fund police departments. A majority of Americans think this is an absurd proposal, as the people who will suffer the most are people of color in urban areas. This is happening as inner-city Americans look to ravage their own neighborhoods. Peaceful demonstration does not draw the same media coverage.

Similarly, the liberal press and radical congresspeople are giving license to this violent protestation around the country, currently taking place in Minnesota.

Every racially defined death that occurs among millions of police incidents each year unleashes a rash of unruly protest that destroys property and incites even more confrontations between protesters and the police. To make matters worse, minority areas are the battlegrounds, which makes absolutely no sense.

Protesters and activists never miss an opportunity to tag a dispute to some kind of racial issue that stirs up the masses. These repetitive and dangerous outbreaks are beginning to perplex sensible members of white and black America.

But there is much more than we can expect. Overly generous entitlements are being proposed by Congress every day. Lawmakers have taken a patrician attitude dealing with poverty, income disparity and the lives of the poorer classes of Americas. They believe they can fix racial issues by authorizing more financial support.

The fix is always more money thrown at the problems of minorities in urban areas, without sufficient study, debate and compromise. The money is flowing at a greater rate each day without quid pro quos. Long term, entitlements will only set the stage for more poverty and dependence on government assistance. The true answer is more jobs, not more cash.

Joe Biden promised to bring us together. Critics are now saying that he is yielding the government to the most radical members of his party. We should expect Democrats to use every opportunity to include social support as part of each new initiative. The inclusion of welfare money in the infrastructure law is an example.

Republicans may have to rely upon wise members of the majority party to save the day. The very few moderate Democratic members may be the ones who will put a stop to frivolous and unwise laws that waste our resources and increase the power of the majority over the downtrodden as well as the affluent class.

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