Republicans Will Obstruct Liberal Initiatives

It’s seems early to think about the 2022 elections, but Republicans are already developing their talking points in an effort to win back the hearts of American voters and regain control of the federal government. An excellent article in the New York Times discussed many of the important issues near and dear to the minority.

Republicans are already attacking Democrats regarding their stance on the following issues: Supreme Court packing, the elimination of the filibuster in the Senate, defunding the police, legalizing the status of immigrants (and open borders) and statehood for Washington D.C.

Supreme Court packing could increase the size of the Court to say 13 justices by confirming four liberal judges to fill new congressionally authorized seats. What happens when Republicans regain control of the presidency and the Senate? Will the number increase to 18 or 20 justices? We should respect the age-old system of nominating and confirming new members in the Senate and not tamper with a system that has worked effectively over a long period of time.

Defunding police departments is not the solution to decreasing illegal and aggressive arrests. Given the number of police officers in the country, there will be bad apples. The number of publicized cases of deadly Black and police confrontations in relation to deadly Black on Black confrontations is miniscule. Where’s the outrage and protest relating to these situations?

Minority communities and all Americans need police protection. But, clearly, cops need more extensive training in the use of deadly force. Renegade cops should be prosecuted aggressively. And all police forces should be recruiting more people of color.

Is the security at our borders and financial well-being of border states less important than having open borders? Why do Democrats want open borders? Is it possible that they want to increase the number of voters who support their candidates? The price to pay for open borders for political gain is too great. There are Americans who need aid, so why allow interlopers to enter the country illegally and use precious resources?

Related to the aforementioned is the Democratic objective of making Washington D.C. a new state, an effort to increase the number of blue states in Congress. Our forefathers believed the nation’s capital should be managed and funded by our federal lawmakers. Nevertheless, residents in the capital initially received the right to vote. In fact, Congress can bestow as much money as they wish on the district.

And finally, there is the Green New Deal. Economists used to believe that America’s access to the capital markets was unlimited. No more. Our government is pushing the limits that America can finance any new project, especially the naïve and extraordinarily expensive proposals to decrease pollution. This situation is exacerbated by the global competition with China. America cannot afford to clean up the entire world alone in the next 50 years.

Republicans have many practical criticisms of their opponents. Trying to “socialize” the country by overspending will result in unfortunate economic turmoil. If conservatives play their cards carefully, they have an excellent chance to win back one or both houses of Congress.

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